Say that you had $100,000 to invest/spend/save...

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  1. Is there a high demand for eucalyptus in paraguay?
  2. 100 thousand lottery tickets obv
  3. I would pay off my debt to my college and have barely enough money left over to buy software and a fancy new desktop computer.
  4. I'd blow it on partying and hookers.
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    I would get a reliable car and or buy a house.
  6. gamble... make profit, probably invest in an apartment, save the rest.


    But anyway, isn't this considered a forum game? :confused:...I read somewhere that we can't have forum games for awhile (too many i'm guessing..) I'm not tryin' to call you out or anything ahahah I was just confused :p.

  7. I don't see how this is a game but I don't know what else to say...
  8. either move out of america or to colorado. if i move to colorado id buy a decent sized house and start growing weed in the basement to sell to dispensaries.
  9. just a guided conversation . . . .. right?
  10. Condo paid for no car payments - B.i.g

    ahhaa and then the rest would just get thrown in the bank and i would continue on working and saving up
  11. Its all good, i was just curious....ahahah

    Carry on.

    My warrrd sonnnn

    Dontchu cry no more dundundunberner.....

    Sorry.. :bolt:
  12. [quote name='"WestCoast510"']

    Is there a high demand for eucalyptus in paraguay?[/quote]

    Yes, in 5-8 years you chop them down and sell it to a company from Brazil that makes it into paper. It's a cash crop if you can afford to plant. I have over 150 acres planted right now myself that are about a year old.

  13. *Carry on my wayward son
    There'll be peace when you are done
    Lay your weary head to rest
    Don't you cry no more

  14. ^Make some mad beats with that!

    I would pay off my debts. I would get an apartment that I could have my Toby in. I would get my car fixed.. Or maybe a new one. I would get my phone on. I would get my license back. I would take care of my bf's debts.. Then the rest would go into savings.
  15. You know, I actually caught that when I re-read that after I posted it...but I was too baked to do anything about it.

    It just popped into my head when I said 'carry on', the tune and everything...

    my mind doesn't go in sync I guess :p.
  16. Buy a house with 100k? Maybe in like, Somalia or something.

    I'd send 80k to my parents and have 20k to blow on like, buy a big ass bong, volcano (FINALLY), hookers on a 24/7 schedule daily, buy every single pug in my local vicinity, and the rest just send it to some useless charity like, people who don't have iphones or something.
  17. I'd save like $90,000 until I saw an opportunity to make more. If I don't invest in anything, I'd still have $90,000

    Edit: Maybe 80,000

  18. i live in a decent sized house 2 br 2 bath with a 2 car garage in a "good" neighborhood and we'd be lucky to get 60k for it. so yeah you can buy a house for 100k. and i live in florida which is usually pretty expensive.
  19. [​IMG]

    Transfer the rest into swiss francs, then wait. use it on big things.

    or maybe open a dispensary depending on the cost. but i really don't wanna get busted so are there any nations that have mmj?

    later buy a little house some where in latin america or spain

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