Say that you had $100,000 to invest/spend/save...

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  1. Ok so you have $100,000 dollars to work with. You can invest it in something. Buy a lot of weed (if your a dummy :p ). Buy a house. Etc...

    Random but me and my friends were talking about this last night. Like some of us got deep into are ideas others not so much.

    So what would you do with your $100k ?

    Personally Id try and buy an up and coming franchise if it were possible. Or Id buy a new car and save the rest of the cash. Whatever happens Id try and make the most of it. Im only 19 so if I got 100k Id want to make it last.

    NOTE: Im sure some people on here have that much money but just play along.

  2. i would buy a frs or brz then spend 5k on shit for it. then put 50k in savngs and 20k into some stock or something. i wold also put a little money into going to a community collage for auto body/technician. ive been wanting to learn that stuff.
  3. in life you need money to make money!!
    there's so much you could do with 100k if you couldn't get something going with that kind of money you probably got lucky and won it to begin with.
    i have many business ventures but if i told you, i would have to kill you!
  4. I've always wanted to open my own bar so id get that started and make it a family sort of business. With close family friends working along with us.

  5. I'd buy health insurance. I'd buy a newer truck (but not new), I'd get something nice for my sweetie and the rest would be invested.
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    Get into parachuting and do enough solo jumps that I can safely try base jumping. Costs alot to do those tandem jumps then to build up to around 50-100 jumps. Figure I would have enough for a wingsuit and a couple parachutes after about 80,000 grand spent on training, jumps, and certification for solo jumping.

    Maybe at the end of it I would have enough experience to get certified in packing parchutes and instructing parachute lessons.

    Base jumping looks crazy and cheaper then parachuting in the end. All I have to do is drive up to a highway bridge on a mountain or an overhang and I'm set. Once those guys get enough experience some can get a 1/3 glide ratio without the suit. Thats like being a human flying squirell.

    Edit: I got a hand glider in the attic but I'm too afraid to try that without someone that considers themselves a pro. My dad and his friends won the lottery for a small amount in the 70's and bought a handglider. They kept doing it until one of their friends died in a crash. Happened right after my dads best friend got sucked up too high for his comfort in a thermal. Imagine being really high up in the air, trying to safely land, then getting launched straight up in the air for about 500ft. He literally shit his pants.
  7. Bid on a cheap house for like 20k and fix it up. Buy a car for no more than 10k. Take half of whatever is left and put it in a bank account and use it only for bills/emergencies. Take the rest and maybe start up some kind of business. Basically live off it for as long as possible but use some to help get some money making business started up.
  8. i would spend a big chunk of it on creating my own record label, then save the rest as fallback money in case of tough times; the record label would probally be a side thing, unless i make good money from it
  9. Travel somewhere cool, maybe purchase a house.
  10. Put about $10 k in a roth ira. Invest another $10 k in mutual funds. And use the other $80 k to pay for two years of my college lol damn...

  11. Fuck that 80k for college? hahaha. Community college then state school is the route for me. But at least you wouldn't have to pay off loans :confused_2:

    Thats a crazy plan but it sounds awesome. Being a human flying squirrel would probably be too crazy for me :D

    Well you have to kill me then ;)

    But your right if someone was smart they could make a lot off of 100k. If only I had that much :eek:

    That would be sick. I was thinking the same thing. Hook up my family and close friends with some jobs. That would be sweet.

    Also to add to what I would do. I might try and actually make one of the "inventions/ideas" Ive come up with while stoned. That'd be sweet to make the ideas come alive. And I have plenty ideas too :smoke:
  12. Id buy a cheap house and spend the rest on living expenses and weed.
  13. [​IMG]

    Then put the rest into savings and never leave the house...
  14. Heads up NL Hold'em in Vegas
  15. Id buy a shit load of weed and smoke tha shit outa of it
  16. enter a couple WSOP events. Buy a car. Maybe a cheap flat or something

  17. Someone had to say it hahaha

    That would be way too much weed for me
  18. ^ You'd have to spend thousands of dollars on containers just to store it all LOL
  19. I would invest it in eucalyptus here in Paraguay. In 5-8 years that 100k would turn into 2+ million.

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