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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by NoLoveNeedIt, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. If I plant some weed rite now would I get some bud off it it's Aug,3 I live in Texas I wanted try growing out doors for one
  2. Get some Auto flower seeds, its too late to start a real grow, but the Autos will give you some experience and some bud.
  3. Wen will it be a good time to start a big grow out doors?
  4. Next year.....i know its not what you wanted to hear.
    But you should start scouting a spot in January or February, and then have everything ready to go for April or May.
  5. O ok cool but wit it been my frist time growing out door is it more stuff I need to get to get big bud cuz I'm trying get a list of all I need go get.. I got on YouTube they don't be tell nun
  6. You want a list of everything you need to grow outdoor??
  7. Yes.. A list
  8. Well I'm attempting a grow outside at the moment
    I started it July 29th, and I've been going at it.

    I used soil that has a large large amount of Compost in it,
    roughly been throwing all our veggie waste in there for god
    knows how long.

    I bought some Perlite, and cooked up some Eggs and mixed
    that into the soil, While I had my seeds put into a pot.

    I bought some some patio lights, It seemed like a great idea
    to help out with the light cycle.

    Currently they are doing fine. Looking great. I think I'll get a decent

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