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Say Hi to My Cousin guys!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokie McBlunts, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. He's over in Iraq at the moment... here is a pic of him

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  2. hi :D
    keeping most of my thoughts to my self....but keep kickin ass.
  3. your cousins a tank! i'll say hi to him..."hi tank!"..........Peace out.....Sid
  4. high smokie mcblunts' cousin.

    enjoy the hotbox ;)
  5. HIGH All, you should be proud of him Smokie McBlunts...we sit here doing hurt me bad when Canada said NO were not getting involved. I'm not too proud of my Country right now and hope our neighbours to the South have no hard feelings to the people of Canada.
  6. hey Smokie McBlunts cousin!!! I have very high regards for all service folk. Good to meet ya and do be safe. good karma to ya'. wow what a hell of a hotbox!
  7. hey Unoit, I'm not that happy with some of the decisions that get made in US...but we are all a part of the human condition... and we all stand up individually for our brethren here at the city...fellow toker, you are a good human being!
  8. hi smokies cuz? hope u beatin some ass out there... get home safely!:)
  9. i have no grudge at all against canada for the war..... thats their choice. i like canada a lot better than america for way too many reasons to tell lol. i think its rediculous that some people are actually still protesting this war when its nearly over (?) i think that saddam had to be stopped some way and obviously this worked.... however george bush is a tool who is just finishing what his daddy couldnt finish and will ride on the victory in the next election. (we kicked some 3rd world ass!!!)

  10. normally what u just said wouldnt have intrested me enough to care or try to understand. but since im high i found it intresting :)
  11. LOL sid..
    your cousin is a tank?
    must be some weird family tree

    anyway yep good luck to em out there

    hotboxin heaven :D
  12. althought i don't support my government for sending our troops to iraq... i do support the troops. i hope your cousin returns home safely :) he's got some guts to be out there.

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