Say Hello To Big Marijuana, Boys and Girls

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  1. Former Microsoft exec launches first "National Brand" cannabis company. There's lots of info in the article and following links, but I would like to emphasize at least this:
    Sorry, Americans! Looks like Big Marijuana doesn't care about building the local/domestic economies!



    In related news!

    Slightly rough translation but the message is clear:
    Keep your eyes OPEN!

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  2. same thing that happened in the food industry. 
    the big guys have spent years testing, they can apply the same principles to any new crop (weed/hemp or whatever). hemp happens to be the next big thing. you bet all the big players are interested. 
  3. No worries here....If you want a better example of "BIG Marijuana" then have a look in my closet. :smoking: Price, quality, and service will win in this market.
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  4. Damn your closet is 5000k acres. That is a big closet. You are just a drop in the bucket just like me.
    Just a drop in the bucket.
    Wait till Monsanto comes out with their plants that are immune to round. Then we will all be fucked.

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  5. Watch how fast he gets busted. Ed Rosenthals's tomato model will be more likely. Crappy commercial products out there but with mom andpop high quality gourmet level ganja holding down the true needs of patients and rec users. Not synthetic garbage they will produce. People aint gonnasmoke crap fancy label or not.
  6. I bet they will. The theme if this place. It's legal weed, who cares what was done to it.
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  7. Considering that everyone who smokes mainstream tobacco cigarettes is voluntarily inhaling radioactive fertilizer/tobacco, without seeming to care much, leads me to believe a vast majority of Americans will just as easily inhale radioactive fertilized cannabis that has additionally been "irradiated for safety!"
    Especially when the baccy industry rolls out "Marlboro Greens" type packs of spliffs. Most will not care IMO.
    There will always be a market for connoisseurs though. And the health conscious just as there is a huge organic and non-gmo market today.
    IMO we are also gonna see patents flying off the press like hotcakes, as companies like those in the OP rush around to genetically engineer the "next best" patentable, highly profitable strain & application of cannabis or its extract.
    It would be super cool to see a "heirloom" coalition unite, specially breeding seeds to be owned by the collective people, as the seeds and fruit of nature. I think given the opportunity, biotech companies and other interests would lock up all cannabis strains for the same reason they are trying to monopolize the food market, owning all those seeds.
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  8. Those who are used to buying chronic, will buy chronic. Those who want generic, gmo style bud/shake will buy that. Simple enough.
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  9. Look at wine, while many people might want their wine "out of the box" or "two buck chuck", many others will pay $20 or more for a wine with qualities that people want.
  10. I have dreams sometimes wherein I envisage the strains of the future.
    Like just picture what botanists and growers will come up with over the next few decades, I am so excited.
    And for that reason the fact that marijuana is becoming big business is not necessarily a bad thing.
    With money comes scientific studies and massive businesses which specialise in creating the most potent weed or the most exotic weed which has some insane new type of high... who knows.
    You better believe it... biotech companies are literally doing this as we speak. No GMO strain has come public (that I have seen) but there is are millions (billions?) of dollars going into gene mapping and advanced selective breeding techniques, using their latest technologies.
    Given the market for GM crops, given that cannabis and hemp are becoming the next (legal) billion dollar crop, it would be foolish for them to not get involved. Their patents could be worth billions if it allows them to lock-up a large margin of the market, because every one would be forced to use their seed - just like farming with GM crops. No re-seeding, no saving seeds, no cultivating without their permission.
    What's the knowledgeable strain history of cannabis anyways? Did private groups already buy the breeds we have available? In the meantime everyone should breed and save their own heirloom seeds as best they can. Just like with organic heirloom produce seeds, if biotech and pharma get enough hold over it you may not be able to find those seeds anymore.
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  12. Just follow all the puppet S. American leaders who took the prohibitionist money for decades and now had weed "epiphanies."
    Been saying production will be in S. America for many years. It's been very evident that is the "plan."
    If wine had the medical capacities of cannabis, it would suddenly be banned, and the new economic goal would be to sell it at $400.
    And that $20 bottle of wine will become a $150 bottle of wine, as they could have sold it much higher to cure disease, so you'll pay higher again.
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  13. I have met a few dudes who do not know the difference in brick weed and high grade. they call it weed and their senses are not used enough day to day to even know or care. there are and will always be those type who have not developed enough heart space to care.
    we need to come up with more strains that are cbd thc balanced and not so much high thc as the strains have been bred for a lot of years. or another way to put it- bread for medicine instead of recreation. that is more the balance we need to aim for to make cannabis more accepting and not just for people who want to blast out all of there endorphins at one time but to modulate a more evenlt spaced out endorphin blow out experience.
    the strain history in large part has been bred indoors for years and years. can't wait until we can move the genetics back into sunlight and see the resulting outcome of cannabis soaking up the rays. that will be the best advanced strains that have their own resistances and strengths sort of like land race genetics from the wild accept with more selective breeding by the people for the people

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