Say goodbye to the good ol days...

Discussion in 'General' started by Boosh, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Ima be a daddy in about 8 months.
  2. holy shit man that's big, but the good ol days don't ever have to be over

    good luck with everything, where you expecting this!?
  3. hey boosh,from my first days on grasscity i thought you were a cool guy.So i'm saying from one blade to another congrats..if you wanted to be a dad that is.

    and if not,you shouldn't have been silly,you should have wrapped your willy.
  4. Congrats man. I wish you and your girl the best.
    The good times dont have to end just because you have a kid, you'll find good times in other things in life.

  5. I am sorry to hear that.
  6. Congrats bro.
    We're here for you.
  7. Well see the thing is, I left my EX girlfriend out in the middle of the woods when we were camping, and she brought her brother to my house to kick my ass.

    This is the same girl that all the bullshits been on about. So now I guess Ima have to try to get along with her again, though she did apologize and all that bullshit about being an idiot.

  8. Oh shit! its that chick? Damn dude that sucks.Atleast she apologized though. Your gonna try to make it work?

  9. Yeah we gon try. We were together for 4 years before all that bullshit, and best friends since kindergarten. But man, Im only 21, Im STILL mackin on the bitch, in my prime! I dont know if I wanna stay with her now. Im having alot of fucked up mixed feelings lately about this type of shit. shes on my mind most of the time, even though Im not actually thinking about her.

    I dont know man, I just feel like Im in a world of shit right now.
  10. fool you better make sure its yours before you try and get along with the hyna.

  11. True, we doin that wednesday.

    Always a step ahead man.
  12. I hope for the best Boosh. A healthy child Is what everyone wants. I also hope you and the girl can work things out, buddy.
  13. The good ol days aient over, Trust me.

  14. Mannn I cant even take care of myself, let alone some fuckin kid. This shit is gonna SUCK. Thats alright though, we'll make it. Gon be a Tater JR soon :D
  15. Naa man, It aient so bad.

    Its all good, The love/emotion for you baby is undescribable, Makes it all good.

  16. Holy shit, KSR has a soft side? That's going in my sig...

  17. Naa man its a lie. ;)
  18. Haha, too late! It's in my Sig. And no force on earth or heaven or hell is taking that shit out!
  19. I talk to much when im drunk.
  20. But on the real tip, Any real 'G' has weaknesses, But their not supposed to be known. But its only obvious that family is one of ALL thier weaknesses.

    Only whacked out serial killers and shit who aient G's jus dont give a fuck and are really fucked up in the head, Because what they do aient bout bussiness.

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