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  1. I invite all to enjoy my adventure as i try to get it done my way.
    Any help or suggestions will all ways be welcome. 
    I am sure many of you understand that every grow is different.
    So this grow, even though I am using some of the equipment used
    in previous grows, will produce many different challenges and results.
    Paradise Seeds Original Cheese
    400 Watt  / HPS and MH  digital ballast
    4x4 Tent
    6" inline fan with Phresh Filter
    Day/Night Temp Fan controller
    Soil Grow Fox Farms Ocean Forest
    Technaflora Recipe for success nutrients
    18" Oscillating Fan
    Ceramic Heater
    RO Water  PH Up and PH Down
    Tag along as I fill my jars with what I hope to be some real dank Cheese.
    The grow starts with a pictorial of the beginning of the adventure.
    025.jpg  [SIZE=13.63636302948px] 031.jpg [/SIZE]
    Empty Tent 4x4 
    This tent I bought a couple years ago. The light is a 400 watt MH. I have a
    400 watt HPS also for flowering.  Came with the light hangers.
    Yes they work just fine.  In the tent I use a thermometer and a humidity
    gauge and barometric pressure gauge
    023.jpg .
    Some of the other essentials are all ready to be installed and used. 
    The in line fan 6" 
    Ph meter and TDS meter and Moisture meter.A little knife for trimming and
    note book
    007.jpg    011.jpg
    Soil is the Fox Farms Ocean Forest. I paid like $16.00 bag.
    And I have some old stuff that i used in another grow.
    Any comments on using old soil?
    I have lots more. Read the next post.

  2. Action Action   We have Action
    As I brought out all the stuff for this grow, I cam across some
    extra beans leftover from other grows. In the past I got freebies from 
    SEAOFSEADS. Some autos and some regs.
    So why not start a couple autos so they have a chance to grow before
    turning the light cycle to 12/12  
    I started two seeds in a small pellet can with wet napkins in side.  It took about 3
    days for them to pop and get tails. One seeds tail was just barley 3/8 of an inch.
    The others tail was good at 3/4 of an inch.
    So in the cups they went. I use red party cups that i drilled about a dozen holes in
    the bottom. Filled them up with new potting soil. I put the MH bulb in the fixture
    and turned it down to 50%.
    A few days later here we are:
    012.jpg      014.jpg
    I wasn't sure if the runt seed would even break ground. But there it is.
    LAter  MoonRocky
  3. Are you checking to ensure your soil is at the ideal PH level?
  4. You know with theses throw away plants, I haven't even given it a thought. The FF Soil writes on the bag
    that it is PH balanced. I have to look at the bag to see what that  number is.  I only have about a 1/4 a bag
    of reused stuff that I plan on mixing in with the new stuff for these autos. 
    Do you think it is a big deal? Are the autos more sensitive? Or maybe just a good idea to know your soil
    starting PH?
    Later  MoonRocky
  5. Black Mantis
    So during a visit to the garden I noticed some Daddy Long Legs and this BLACK MANTIS
    roaming around.   In the past I have had some spiders during the early stages when the tent 
    has better temp than the surrounding area.
    He was alive in there for a bout 4 days and then I found him upside down and dismantled.
    I wasn't sure what killed it but some of his body parts were missing.
    He was first discovered in the runt auto.
    Good or Bad  ?
    Now the garden has no mascot.
    Or Does It  ?
    LAter  MoonRocky
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  6. The setup is starting to come together. I have a small computer fan hooked up just to give
    the small seedlings a little fresh air and build there strength.
    I used the Technaflora RFS in my last grow.So there is leftovers in the kit
    But to get throught this grow I will nedd more. I ordered another kit from Amazon. Its on its way.
    Due to be delivered next week. 
    032.jpg     033.jpg
    With nutrients at hand and nothing to lose, the little seedlings get a drink of ROOT66.
    Made a mix of well water (tds=300) and the RT66. TDS was at 400. I don't think this
    will make a big difference. But why not play around.
    LAter  MoonRocky
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  7. New Addition
    Some may have noticed that there is now a third cup in the room.
    036.jpg    030.jpg
    Whats its story?    Well I had a couple seeds that came from an earlier grow. 
    I grew out some CH9 Jack. The plants were nice, but i did find about 8 seeds in 5
    plants. So two seeds were put in the cups directly with out the germination in towels as I usually
    do. To my surprise both seeds jumped out within 3 days.  The hard thing came next. Pull
    one out...hate that part. But only one per cup is the rule.
    Questions arise about how good are the bastard plants going to be? Will theses be
    female seeds. Whats the chance it will be worthy of some grow real estate?
    001.JPG   002.JPG
    I did notice that the little seedling look a light color in the middle. Maybe its the strain or
    maybe it got a bit over watered. I used a small humidity dome up until today. Thought it 
    might do a little better if it got some air.
    This is still going to be a grow with other plants. Right now this is how I can gauge
    the environment and get all the equipment setup. I can stick seeds in the ground 
    and have 50,000 seedlings but the fact is there is about 1 square meter of light with
    the 400 Watt.
    LAter  MoonRocky
  8. RFS  Recipe For Success
    Yesterday the Mail Lady made a drop off. This is the second time I will be working with
    the RFS.  
    010.JPG    011.JPG
    I really wont be getting heavy into the feeding of the plants for a couple
    weeks yet. But getting prepped is  essential for success.
    LAter MoonRocky
  9.   RO Water
    I picked up a gallon of RO Drinking water for tests.
    012.JPG    022.JPG
    Checked the TDS.  When the water is bottled at the factory, the TDS is usually a lot lower then the 
    in-store filler station.  When I get some extra jugs I will go and fill them at
    the in-store filling station and perform some more test to get a baseline numbers.
    This is much better than the well water I have that reads 300+ TDS.
    PH looks good to start. But I will check every time I feed.
    LAter  MoonRocky
    020.JPG   014.JPG
    015.JPG   019.JPG
    18 days for the two autos. What a difference in the two.  The runt is still alive but not growing as fast.
    It looks real healthy but doesn't want to grow vertical. I think that giving the small plants the 
    ROOT 66 was a good move They seemed to bush out in response to the food.
    7 days for the other seedling.
    LAter  MoonRocky
  11. That's a nice dog!  He makes a great mascot!
  12. Picture Update
    001.JPG   002.JPG
    003.JPG   004.JPG
    005.JPG   006.JPG
    Moved the two autos to a bigger pot.  
    If you look close at the auto-flower in the bigger pot, you will see that
    it is starting to show white pistils.
    LAter  MoonRocky
  13.   Picture Update
      008.JPG   007.JPG
    006.JPG   020.JPG
    Topped the small Jack in the cup.
    Installed the fan and filter. 
    LAter  MoonRocky
  14. Cool!  Like the airplane.
  15. How long does the brick take to flower?
  16. Good job so far man. I wanted to do a set up like yours but just having to go cheep for my first time.
  17.   Picture Update
      001.JPG   002.JPG
    Cant have too many bricks.   They are starting to smell say's Mascot
      003.JPG   004.JPG
    So as you can see I got lazy and watered them with un ph well water. I hope they forgive
    me. This mistake will not be repeated. The PH runoff was way too low.
      009.JPG   011.JPG
    Repotted Jackie, Still not sure what to do with her.
      012.JPG   013.JPG
    I went and got a couple gallons of RO water and flushed and upped the PH 
    Still waiting on the beans from Attitude. Impatiently waiting. Changed the bulb
    to the 400 Watt HPS. 24 hours of light. These autos might be done by the time
    I get the beans and switch to 12/12 .
    LAter  MoonRocky
  18.   Picture Update
    Not much to report. Watering with the well water has taken its toll.
    I think the buds will still keep enlarging,
    010.JPG   013.JPG
    015.JPG   021.JPG
    LST and topped the Jack. (formaly know as JACK IN THE CUP)
    025.JPG   001.JPG
           NOW                                                     THEN
    Still no seeds from Attitude...
    This process of acquiring some beans is not what I expected.
    LAter MoonRocky
  19. Have you checked the pH when you water them? The jack in pot's coming along nicely...
  20.   Yea AndyG  
    I am ph ing the RO water to 7.4 to raise the ph.
    The ph runoff of the JC (jack in the cup) has gone up nicely since I went back to 
    ph RO water. Its around 6.4. I gave the JC a feeding of tds 500 , BC Grow,  BC Boost, Thrive Alive B1 Red
    The Autos runoff is still a little low about 6.0 but rising. No feeding the autos, just 7.4 ph RO water.
    Thanks for the interest

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