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  1. so i really dont know how to describe what this thread is about or what to post in it so im just gonna start because i just have to say some stuff to complete strangers to feel better i think.
    P.S. i am extremely fucking high right now i am about to go on a sober vacation tomorow so i decided to smoke all 5 grams of silver haze i have left and are down to a dub of dank that i am currently still smokeing cuz im gonna finish it off (yes i know its a waste whatever)
    so im 18 male and in my senior year of highschool and i feel like i am in the most confuseing time of my life, i have no idea what i am going to do, i have a job at a pagliaccis pizza but to be real i have no idea what i am going to do with my life, i live with my mother but am constantly staying at friends apartments because of fights i have with her (mostly over my drug use) i guess what i want to say is i feel like i have no purpose in life, im smart and attractive (but not THAT smart and not THAT attractive) and have always been...well cool i guess, and this makes me feel guilty, i feel like i should be content and completely ready for life but i feel like a bum, i have no goals or plans. i feel like i was born instead of a million diffrent people who could of been born and i wonder if im wasteing the opportunity of a life that they could have had instead of me, i wonder if they had been born instead of me would they be haveing a more productive life?
    i wish i could know wether what i am doing with my life, smokeing and drinking and hanging out with friends, is wrong and bad and that i should be doing something diffrent, i want to know if im doing something wrong but i know i never will and it drives me crazy that ill never know.
    i feel like the world we live in run by status and money is an illusion to what really matters but the illusion is fun so i want to embrace the illusion, but i wonder if im just tricking myself and im not really happy. im always telling myself im young and i can do whatever i wish but it dosnt make me happy even though it should
    i dont think any of this makes any sense but its just some crazy shit im thinking, so just tell me what you think of this crazy ass shit we call life and how you feel about what purpose is ya know?
  2. If you're half as smart as you say you are, then you will know that fighting with your mom is no good.

    Use your brain on figuring out how to have a good relationship with your mother.
  3. The world is a scary place.

    It's full of people who are contantly trying to fuck you over.

    They approach you with a generous smile and steal your money.

    They greet you with a polite bow but they take your pride when they leave.

    People are all for themselves. There is nobody you can trust, except your family.

    And even within the family there are conflicts... conspiracy and back stabbing.

    Like I said, the world is a scary place.
  4. Hey man, i'm kinda in the same situation. I guess most people in their 20's are. Its just something we need to go through.
    You just need to stop thinking too much about how the world is and get your own life together. I'm the first one to complain about the nature of man but i can't even figure what i want out of life yet. Ahah
    We never asked to be here, so you can't feel bad for that.
  5. Well man, you're only 18, you're still young and you're not supposed to really have a clue what you want out of life just yet. Just keep your head up and keep powering forward and answers will come your way, but most importantly don't ruin that relationship with your mother, she's the only one you got.
  6. I just want to watch the world burn.
  7. Its good that you're aware of those things.

    Some people have no goals or plans or anything like that and continue to live on care free until they reach a point in their life when shit sucks, then they have regret for not doing anything with their life.

    You're a senior, I suggest you think it over this summer and hopefully come out with a plan.
  8. I want to watch the world blossom into a clean, beautiful planet where all men, women, and children can live free without the constraits of criminal government. A place where we do not deny the answers we know, and we search for the answers we have yet to learn.
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    pretty much this, im turning 20 in may and ive known for about 2-3 years that money isnt the key to happiness. until i started smoking i had no clue what i wanted to do to be happy. i just knew i never wanted to be a wage slave, and that i wanted to help people, whether it be through armed revolution or giving aid to people. once i started smoking i found a whole new passion. i love cannabis and i know how it can help people. this has caused me to want to move to an MMJ state, particularly Colorado and start growing to sell to dispensaries. be my own boss and i can help people, and i dont even have to leave my house to do it. it is the only thing i see myself doing that will make me happy.

    edit: my friend and I were actually talking about how fucked up it is that we pretty much have to figure out our entire lives right out of high school when we have no clue what we're doing...
  10. I feel like everyone around me is so obnoxious & full of themselves that they have no idea what's really going on. Every time I smoke, I feel like I learn something new about someone, whether it be a observation of their current actions or a realization of what they have done in the past. Like today for instance, everyone I know that considers themselves a "stoner" is full of shit, and never smokes as much as they actually claim to. Like one of my friends for instance. He considers himself a diehard stoner yet he maybe smokes once every 3 weeks. I don't like to consider myself any of those terms that negatively connate to a marijuana enthusiast, yet I smoke more than 4 times a week. It's not that I have more money than my friend either, because I'm poorer than him. (he lives in a nice ass, brand new house, and I live in a apartment that is falling apart) its just the fact that people who associate themselves with that are normally dumbasses that think it's cool to smoke because it makes them like everyone else, when I'm the type of person who smokes by himself & would rather not let people know that I smoke because it draws more negative attention to myself.

    I also realized that all my friends do some dumbass shit. One of my friends is a narcissistic asshole that bags on other people's appearances when he is one of the ugliest people I've ever seen (has a snaggletooth & a unibrow), and seems to think he's one of the smartest people in the world. A few of my friends are whipped by their girlfriends, one doesn't even acknoweledge us when we're around him & his girl. Another one bitches about herself constantly but never changes anything, and would rather continue to further complain about everything instead of making an attempt to further better herself, & another one of my friends dropped out sophomore year to deal unmentionables, & moved here, got back into school, & now does all the prep girl's homework for free, thinking he'll get somewhere with them. And another one of my friends started to sell bud & fronts to big black chicks that would probably sit on him if he asked for them to pay the money that they owe.

    I think the only friend I have that has it together is my friend Z, and I think we get along better than any of my other friends because we've been friends since the 3rd grade, & we both lived in situations where we had to learn to grow up fast. So it seems that both of us are more responsible, less lazy, & have a good head on our shoulders better than most of the people I know.

    Sorry for the rambling, just a lot on my mind & nowhere to say it
  11. ^ yeah that was a lot of rambling
  12. Hey OP, try doing the dishes sometime. Bitches love that shit.
  13. I hate the world and reality and I think I'm slipping more and more into depression each day...

    Grasscity is the thing that keeps me sane for the most part, but it's like even on here, you lot are split into your groups of blades and that and I'm just left alone.
  14. this world is fucked up
  15. We are each individual spheres orbiting one another; occasionally overlapping, sometimes repelling. Most often we determine our own path, while at other times we are swept up in a current. Regardless of momentary circumstance we each possess the power to choose how we respond to it. That choice is what determines the type of world we ultimately live in.

  16. The world just needs to be smoked into ashes
  17. God is a man in an insane asylum of a completely different Universe with multiple personality disorder. He created our reality to help cope with his surroundings and we are all part of the same person's creation and vice versa.
  18. Mankind is a festering parasite relentlessly draining its host dry and humanity is a failed experiment, as we walk our path to extinction.

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