Saw Ziggy Marley was badass

Discussion in 'General' started by ReMiX, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Yeah i live in austin and every year they have a pretty big concert called austin city limits (acl) where theres like 6 different stages and its a fat concert that just goes on all day for three days, its like a local woodstock. I just wanted to post because i knew a lot of you would like to hear that i saw ziggy marley and he was fuckin badass. There were some many people just pulling out the pipes and smoking, this one chick in front of us had a bad ass six shooter pipe that instead of bullet chambers they were rotating bowls that you could pack, it was pretty sick, ziggy looked blazed as fuck too. I also saw muse the other day and bob dylan two hours ago, chyea.
  2. I saw Ziggy Marley play about a year ago in a small bar... normally everyone tokes up there during concerts, but Ziggy had a sore throat or something so there was a no smoking policy. They had security guys looking for people smoking and telling them to stop. So we just ducked down in the crowd and took a few puffs every once in a while. It was still a badass show.

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