Saw Zed's Dead last night

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  1. At the Rex Theater in Pittsburgh.

    Most of you wont know who Zed's Dead is, but for those of you that do, it was fuckin banging!!

    Got fucked up, danced my ass off, and had a blast!

    Just felt like expressing my joy :D
  2. Thats fuckin awesome man. Always wanted to go to a dubstep show while baked.. But then again I always got the Foo Fighters.
  3. Kind of jelly you got to enjoy Zed' dead live.
  4. :O lucky bitch
  5. Dam I'm jealous.that's really awesome.zeds dead is fucking legit
  6. Fuck me I'm jelly. I was gonna see them and then literally no one was going except this one bitch I know, but she's a fucking raver so I couldn't stand it, she honestly goes just a little bit too hard for me (E with a lot of Meth in it, shit like that) But fuck I'm so jealous, think ill see them at snowball hopefully or bonaroo if I end up going.

    Zeds Dead baby, Zeds dead. (If you're a true zeds fan, you'll get the reference) :D
  7. How good was it compared to other dub concerts? I dont know, Ive seen Rusko, Datsik, Bassnectar, and a bunch others and Zeds Dead is coming to a really small venue in my town. Im wondering if its worth the 29 dollar ticket price?
  8. whattt im jealous. those guys are tight, did they have that omar guy rapping too?
  9. I went when they came to Denver. Price at will call was $26, got drunk went with some friends and had a great time got a contact high when I didn't even smoke. It was fuckin ballin. Dub shows are sickkk. It was also my first concert. O ya panty raid was playin down the street. Denver is the shit.
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    They're my favorite!

    I've seen em twice now.

    Once in San Jose and then at Hard Haunted Mansion a month ago.

    Fucking BADASS everytime. I was candy flipping the second time. Killa Killa ZEDS DEAD Bwaaaahh!

    EDIT: Shook there hands n shit off stage at Hard :D 'twas fun times.
  11. Thats pretty sick. A dubstep concert high.
    And i was jus listening to eyes on fire by zed dead
  12. it was so awesome!

    Thy dropped a buncha new shit they were working on on the ride to pittsburgh haha. I got to chill wit em after the show for awhile, realy chill dudes.

    Honestly, I hate dubstep. Most of it is generic regergitations of the same song over and over, but Zed fuckin killed it!!

    I got a 6 min video on my phone of their intro that ill try to upload to youtube.

    Oh, its worth the $29. I paid $22.

    AND they didn't have the guy rapping with them, but they did play the track (its actually in my video haha)

    It was a pretty good night!
  13. I was going to go to this one with a few friends but my schedule fucked me over. Glad you enjoyed man zed is the greatest
  14. I even got a new connect from Maine! Gotta go on a road trip soon :D

    Wish you coulda went! If your ever in the burgh and you see Dj Lush spin, that's me! Come up and say what's up, man. Id love to meet someone off the city haha well get smokey as fuck yo!
  15. Haha you may have met my buddy then:D

    I love shows at the Rex, can't wait till I don't have these late night lab classes to TA.

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