saw this the other afternoon... VIDEO

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  1. so i'm sitting in my car smoking a bowl, and i see something move out of the corner of my eye. when i looked over, there was a guy in a white t-shirt, (the video doesn't do the rain justice, but it's coming down HARD.) and he's doing kung fu moves in the parking lot if this apartment complex. if you're watching closely at the very beginning before i start fumbling with the camera, you can see him finishing up.


    after he finished standing, he walked over to a picnic table, hopped up on it, and started doing some more moves, then jumped down and start shadow boxing with a dogwood tree for a while, then walked to his car, popped the trunk, got out a bag of groceries, and walked in his apartment like nothing just happened. [​IMG]
  2. he weas prob just trippin on something..

    you should have walked up to him and started doing the same thinglol
  3. hahaha thx for the laugh. He was probably fighting off Gustav!
  4. I woulda gone outside and started hoolahooping

    Just to fuck with everyone at the complex
  5. Hahahaha....That's fucking hillarious, and awsome that you:
    1.) Took a video of it
    2.) Kept smoking there

    +rep for a good laugh

    Haha that would have been so fucking funny for someone to look out the window and see
  6. He'll fuck you up, avoid eye contact.

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