Saw something pretty heavy this morning....

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  1. so as I pulled up to a railroad intersection, I see a Union Pacific truck parked with its emergency lights on... then a couple of cop cars... then the coroner's van....
    I pan just a little more, right at the split second four men, one on each corner of a sheet, are picking up a bloody, destroyed body. That was a pretty messed up scene.....

    Anyway, I thought it was kind of lame how the Union Pacific spokesperson only says about 1 sentence.... but has to make sure everybody knows they were trespassing.... This just strikes me like
    they are trying to say, "See ! He was breaking the law and he died ! So its not our fault" .....
    Ahhh shit ! That fucker was trespassing ? OMG ! Everybody that trespasses on a R/R track deserves to be hit by a train, right ? Whatever. Just STFU Union Pacific. We know its not your fault.
    I swear their has been 20 deaths on these tracks, in the last 20 years !

  2. people die all the time 
    welcome to real life.
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    No Pics?..... Damn ,but train tracks are for.. you guessed it, TRAINS. At least you didn't see him get hit, i shit you not you would've never forgot that for the rest of your life, I seen a guy jump in front a train once here, and a guy get his head ran over by a truck trying to cross the street. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I727 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. Anybody taking the chance deserves whatever outcome the receive. Of course the company will try to distance in any way they can.
  5. That's harsh. What a fucked up thing to see but what an even more fucked up thing for that guy to say. Yea, they trespassed, OK that's illegal but the person didn't deserve to die. 
  6. don't think the point of this thread was death. grow up and learn how to analyze further, welcome to real life. 
  7. Badboy, I hear you. I've seen some hideous stuff myself, including a human autopsy. That was actually pretty interesting to see once, but I don't think I'd want to do that every day for a living.
  8. pics or it didn't happen
  9. I'm not sure of this, but I'm thinking this was probably a suicide. Among those 20, in the last 20 years I mentioned, it seems like more than half were suicides.....
  10. Yea, you think that you are prepared to see fucked up shit in real life watching documentaries and videos of wars oversees and shit. But then when it happens in real life, its something that you can't get out of your mind. I remember one time this girl in my class (she was heavy into drugs) just passed out and went head first into a concrete wall and started bleeding out all over the place. Its one thing to see death online, its another thing entirely in real life
  11. Perhaps I'm missing something here because your link doesn't work but the guy who died deserves the Darwin Award. It was no trespassing for a fucking reason. I see it like getting ran over from Jaywalking or getting shocked to death by an electric fence in an area you're not suppose to be in. Of course company PR is going to assure that it wasn't their fault.

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