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  1. I saw Obama today speak at my school, and it was amazing. I had a special ticket, so I didn't have to wait in the half-mile line going to the stadium. But what was most amazing was when I got in, they led us down to the floor, so I was like 20 feet away from him! I thought I was just going to get a better seat, but I had no idea I would actually be standing in front of him. It was incredible, not only seeing him but the speech as well. This is definitely one of the most awesome days of my life, made better by the season premier of The Office, which was good, and the soon to be season premier of Sunny in Philadelphia :)
  2. Did you ask him why he hasn't legalized marijuana yet?
  3. What was the reason for the speech? What was the topic?
  4. did you get a chance to tell him that he's just another puppet working in the entertainment branch of industry?
  5. while he was talking you should have blurted out LIES!
  6. should have def asked him bout decrim
  7. hahaha he probably would of gotten shot by the "secret service".
  8. It was actually really awesome and inspiring. It was about healthcare reform, and Obama really is doing the best he can in the situation he is in. I think he is doing a fine job, but frankly I ultimately believe change will not come from the government, but from the people. However, I think he is the best we could hope for as our President. None of the other Democrats who ran back in the primaries were that good, and McCain, MCCAIN? Do you want McCain as President? Fuck McCain!
  9. OOOO DAMN U WERE THAT CLOSE!?!?!? could u see the puppet strings from the stage???
  10. Barack Obama needs to take a few business classes and try to
    understand how the economy works cause he sure as hell doesn't know shit about business. Other than that, I like Obama and your lucky to be able to hear him give a speech in person
  11. You should seriously do some research, Obama is a puppet for the new world order. You may think he is change. But hes not. No its not left or right, its about getting stuck in the left right para dime.

    [ame=""]YouTube - The Obama Deception HQ Full length version[/ame]

  12. Fuck. That. Nonsense.
  13. back when the primaries were going on they held the first debate at drexel university (my school). after the debate some of the candidates (obama included) came to a smaller auditorium to speak to some students and some of the bigger contributors to the school. me and my improv group were asked to entertain while everybody was waiting for them to get there. we were the last act, and obama was the first one to speak. which means i technically opened for obama, and later shook his hand. it was awesome
  14. This post is inevitable in any thread involving Obama.
  15. haha nice man

    I bet most people wouldn't even get that.
  16. hell yea man.
  17. I know, its getting old. Im sick of all these "conspiracy theories".
  18. Have fun taking your h1n1 vaccine, oh im sure you like the federal reserve too right?
  19. they wouldnt, thats the sad part. ignorance is one of the things the U.S. depends on. ive seen my fair share of conspiracy videos and documentaries. imo, they make WAAAAAAY more sense than anything the govt said or would say.
  20. Your posting in a thread about someone going to an Obama speech isn't helping resolve those issues, there's politics for that.:rolleyes:

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