Saw IV Trailer

Discussion in 'General' started by Maryjane34, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Are you serious? Damn!

    I'm a huge fan of SAW.

    Edit: I thought it's going to be about that one little girl from SAW 3? The one who got locked in the room because her dad fucked it up.
  2. FUUUCK YEA! I thought they were finally over. Looks like I was wrong. I cant wait.
  3. PLEASE everybody boycot this peice of shit, they'll never stop until they flop

  4. Damn I thought it was over too.

    How many more movies are they going to make based on pure gore?

    I mean the first one was original, but come on.....

    Got old fast....

    You already know whats going to happen- I mean, really. Some guy is going to put people in fucked up situations based on choices they have made. Most will die in a gruesome way.
  5. Three seriously didn't impress me, despite its relatively high critical acclaim, and I don't think four will be any better to be quite honest with you.
  6. i saw SAW while trippin on shrooms and that ruined it for me. there are EVIL spirits in that movie my friends. EVIL SPIRITS. stay away on number 4. they are gonna trick you you see, what they gonna do is, at the movie theatre, while you are watchen the movie they are gonna play games with YOU. then u gonna see peoples head getting chopped off right next to you and then ur gonna be like....oh shit i shoulda listened to krn7iger and not watch this movie....but it will be too late by then so listen to my words carefully....
  7. 1 was awesome. so was 2. and then 3 came and it sucked completely ballz.

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