Saw Chief Kief Today

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  1. I was at court and after I was done I was walking out. And who do I see by the enterance? None other than chief kief himself. He looked high as balls, was wearing a black shirt with a giant ass gold chain and was going through the security thing at the enterance. I would have taken a picture with him, but I left my phone in the car because you Arnt allowed to bring it with you into the courthouse. It was pretty cool.
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    hah out of all the places on the planet that would be the place you'd see him!
  3. what kind of legal shit did that nigga got himself into?
  4. He was shot at an supposedly robbed recently.

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  5. That's badass as fuck! All I do is go to probation and see a bunch of hopeless rednecks.
  6. seriously? google his name he's in trouble like every day
  7. Niggas always be on the come-up lol
  8. That's 2 Chainz bruh bruh
  9. Nope, that wasn't 2 Chainz lol. They shot "at" him while he ran away along with his "bodyguards." I tell you about rappers these days, claim that you're tough and if I see you in the streets, i'll shoot you. But you're running and happen to fall down and get robbed and then lie about it on Twitter to your fans. His bodyguards ran lol. Watch the video on TMZ.
  10. Rappers are all talk, its a total facade
  11. "Why were you going double the speed limit"
    "It's a fast car it's supposed to go fast bock baaaaawk"
    "Oh geez not again"
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    Quadruple post lol
  13. Once again, that was 2 Chainz...
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    I can't believe my phone quadruple posted

    But yeah
    That was 2 Chainz
    Google the video bruh
    Not all of them, some of them are actually from rough areas. But it is pretty funny to read a rapper's bio sometimes and see that they grew up with some really rich and successful parent who had tons of money, but their music makes it seem like the opposite. I dunno personally who wouldnt want to grow up that way, I dont get why you would want to act like you were not. There is a reason we call them privileged, its because its a way better life filled with economic opportunity, education, and frequent fun/ relaxation.
  17. 2 chainz, chief.... They all look the same. They both be bitches.

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  18. You celebrity obsessed sheeple, always lookin for a conduit
    I don't understand why they cant be real about their lives. Like they are ashamed of having lived the good life. Not every one will have a rags to riches story; sometimes its riches to riches, nothing wrong with that.  

    "Live in the hood? My parents provided me with too much for me to live in the hood. The hood is for liming (hanging out)  and making money"  - quote from one of the most criminal guys i know.
    for real
    if i saw that dumb fuck i'd probably spit in his face

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