Saw a shark at the beach today!

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  1. Today i decided to go to a local beach and do some body boarding. I arrived at the beach, smoked a joint in the bush and went out on the water. There were tiny pitiful waves so i just started swiming around the beach.

    after swiming for 10 minutes or so i saw a fin that looked really like a sharks fin... I first thought 'Dolphins!, cool that is awesome there is dolphins at the beach!' but it soon turned its head up out of the water for a few seconds. It clearly was a shark. It had a white belly and was bronzed colored. He was about 4 - 6 feet long

    I decided i didnt want to share the beach with a shark... or even sharks so i said 'na fuck this shit im out' and slowly walked out of the water. There was a group of girls swiming next to me so i told them there was a shark out there and they didn't believe me. I told a few other people on the beach and they didn't believe me. Well they will believe me when i catch that thing and reel it to shore.

    Yes i am going to try catch this shark. I just bought some big hooks and steel trace for my surf caster. Im just stopping at home and eating some food and im off!!!
  2. Fuck the hook and all that crap, grab the shark and do this [​IMG]
  3. Lmao, Thats so fucky mang and that GIF is hilarious. Catch that thing and send us a pic!
  4. Better tie the line off to something. Or at least bring a wakeboard.

  5. [quote name='"Jose Bautista"']Fuck the hook and all that crap, grab the shark and do this [/quote]

    Hahahaha! Dude fuck you I just shot soda straight outta my nose I laughed so hard! IT BURNS!
  6. i wish i could go surfing

    fuck this bullshit east coast weather
  7. Thats funny in texas we ride our sharks to the beach.
  8. yea at only 4-6 ft long im thinking that you need to at the very least kill it with a spear or something
  9. wait where you at lol they just had a vid on cnn about a 15+foot great white off the coast of North carolina :confused:
  10. haha fuck that he will bite me. Ill just have to be the one to kill him before he kills me. i wont really kill him ill let him go. after i rape him

    [ame=]Frank Zappa - The Mudshark Interview - YouTube[/ame]
  11. New Zealand. And it was a very popular beach for swimming.

  12. New Zealand is like known for sharks man. I would just let it be and not fuck with them.
  13. yeah. I went back to the beach with my fishing gear but the tide was to low to fish it. Then two dick heads started a fight with me when i was leaving and gave one of these guys a good stomping but his friend jumped in and got a few good hits on me. Fuck cant even go to the beach without people getting all primal territorial on you!

    I followed my instinct survival skills to pray upon a predator and ended up preyed on by monkeys.
  14. IDK if you realize how many sharks there probably are around.

    Me and my brother just took a small cayak about 1/4-1/2 a mile off shore in Jacksonville to fish and we'de catch a lot of sharks. Usually topping around 3 feet but I'm sure there are mamas around.
    Once you get just barely off the beach theres gonna be a good amount. Luckily they don't usually mess with people, and the bigger ones are usually farther than people swim out.
    I get so paranoid in anything up to my waist though, I'd rather just be in a pool.

    But even if you went to catch that shark chances are youll just catch a different one.
  15. Bronze Whaler by the sounds of it. I've seen em off the beach up by Whangarei. They dont often bite but they have been known to. Are you up north somewhere? And lol about getting into a fight, it's one thing i fuken hate about this country. Every asshole is trying to be staunch, like chill the fuck out....

  16. fuckin 18ft great white circling their boat. FTW
  17. I live in NC, and we have crazy sharks. I used to love to swim in the ocean but fuck that noise. I was walking on the pier last summer and a guy was cleaning a fish probably 20 foot from shore, and a huge shark was swimming underneath. Everyone acted like it was no big deal, but there were children 30 foot away from this thing. Crazy.
  18. I was surfing in nj and saw a shark. Scared the fuck out of me. I just saw the fin like 50 yards from me and heard the life guards calling everyone in and i was gone. I dont think ive ever moved faster.
  19. Yea IDK where you live too so maybe Jacksonville just has an abundance of them.
  20. do it man, like me =)

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