Saw a crazy patriotic war veterans truck...

Discussion in 'General' started by lk250f, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I was at the hardware store and saw this huge lifted ford pickup. It had all sorts of stuff on it, threating stickers like "If you dont like the color of my flag, dial 1800getoutoftheUS, these flag looking things with arabic on them with a silhouette of a soldier holding a gun, and more crazy war stuff.. Then i saw he had a DARE license plate. I like them honestly, the black plate looks cool. But some crazy war veteran patriotism worshiping guy had it on the truck. I was thinking, id much rather come into contact with a guy on drugs then this guy. I was just thinking how much people hate other things or groups so much.

  2. It's cool dude just get the javelin from call of duty get a target lock and blow him to hell :p Just kidding :D nah but blow him to hell :D just kidding or am i maybe i am maybe i'm not.....................i'm not
  3. OP, you must do this next time you see him.
  4. We got hundreds of folks like this here in the South. It can be kinda scary sometimes. :eek:
  5. That shits crazy I hate those type of people. I used to have to deal with rednecks and hicks living in Alaska, I would always ask em like "what are you doing?", why are you so trashy?
  6. Yeah its terrible in rural Pennsylvania, im just the lone jewish boy. And when they see me, i always imagine that they see me as This guy:[​IMG]
    And know right away that they have to kill me.

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