Saving The Resin Inside

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  1. Is there a way to clean the inside of my glass pipe & saving the resin inside somehow?

    F.Y.I. to small of holes to scrape any of the inside effectively.
  2. Rinse/shake them with isopropyl alcohol, as pure as you can get, it will dissolve the resin. Filter through cheesecloth to get rid of ash, onto a flat glass surface like a baking dish. The alcohol evaporates completely so when its dry you can scrape it up with a blade and go from there.

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    So basically like making hash than right???

    Will it taste horrible though, or just as much if you'd smoke it?
  4. That's the basic idea, just don't call it hash you'll get some flack around here. :smoke:
  5. Yeah but it's the same concept thanks. I wanted to make sure because I figured I could do the same but I wanted some input, so I wouldn't be smoking a science experiment.:rolleyes:

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