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Saving the joint for later?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Calleja, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. So... how practical do you guys think saving, say, half a joint is? I've been practicing my joint rolling when I'm on my own and hence, obviously, been smoking joints on my own. But sometimes half a joint will get me juuust high enough to watch a movie or something... and I never do know exactly how to save the other half for later. It's ashy and messy, isn't it?

    So... is saving the joint generally not recommended or do you do it, and how?
  2. i dont do it really because i never need to. if i need to, though, id just put it out and save it somewhere for later. no big deal

  3. Well, first there is saving the "roach" which is saving the last wet bit of weed in yout joint and saving it for later as that little bit is now covered in resin and oil and is very potent and save it for a dry day or save nultiples to pak bowls or roll new joints with and smoke those nd save them, smoke them all at once or smoke them on a dry day.

    As for saving like half a joint, i have done this a couple times a probably will still do it, what i do is usually smoke my joint half way or 3/4 of the way down, lightly brush away the ashes and embers and blakened pieces and twist up and save it for later.(you could also put it in a bag or sumthin).
  4. You might as well save the half not all of it is going to be ash. if you roll it out on the side of the ashtray it shouldn't spill out on you either and you can always open the joint and pack a bowl with the LOs!
  5. I save every little bit!! Even my roaches, because I can unroll them and pack them into a bowl later. :D Why waste something soooo sooo good.
  6. i always smoke half a j and put it out and go back to hit it again about an hour n half or 2 hours later.

    if i don't hit it again than i'll end up saving it for another day, which is usually the next day. if you do decide to save half a j, u should definitely put it in a baggie cuz it will smell really really bad.
  7. Totally Agree Save is the path to the freedom !
  8. yeah most people save their roaches. i do im tryin go get enough to roll a 2nd generation blunt dont smoke alota blunts so its taking away
  9. Blunt tubes work good for that.

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