Saving Private Ryan

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  1. my reason for creating this blog is to only tell a story about four kids at a college in indiana. the sole purpose for this blog is to tell a story that will hopefully entertain the readers.

    the setting in again a college in indiana. there are four main characters. the narrator, myself, tony and his three friends; kyle, ryan, and ben.
    “Saving Private Ryan”
    So the title is not original what so ever but it does explain the situation. So while walking out of one of the apartment buildings we saw Jon . Jon and Ryan were pretty close in high school with both of them being in orchestra and all. Now Ryan has had a few drinks, so he thought it would be a good idea for him to stay out in the cold and talk to Jon. IT was not a problem other than Me and Ben were quite high, and Ben and Kyle both have received drinking warnings. In a bag Ben had was a bottle of smirinoffs finest raspberry vodka. After waiting for Jon for nearly 5 minutes Ben and Kyle decided to dip back to the apartment. Being high I didn't really care what I did, but since it was cold I decided to go back to the room. As I got to the room I immediately walked toward the window. I then proceeded to ask Ben many times if it was okay to kneel in his chair, which was next to a large window looking out over the apartment ryan was at. I said I needed to scope the area out and watch for Ryan to run around the corner of a building in the distance. I considered this my secret operation of the night. I needed to save ryan and quickly as possible so he did not get in trouble.
    This was all no real big deal other than Bens roommates are assholes. They do not like the fact that Ben and his friends like to have a good time. A good time to us sometimes includes being under the influence. The way I was acting it was clear to all who were in the apartment I was indeed high.
    As I saw ryan slide around the corner and nearly bust his beak on a light pole I told ben that we gotta go save ryan. Ben then said holy shit we can call this operation saving private ryan. I busted open the door and put my finger and thumb in the shape of a gun. Stealthy I walked through the hall checking around every corner for any enemies. I then creapt down the stairs, still with my thumb and index finger in the shape of a gun, again checking around the corners and down the stair well. I also made several hand signlas, as if it were a covert operation and we could not talk.
    When we got to the front door I grabbed ryan and told him we must hurry and remain undetected… I really don't know if I said that, but it sounds like something that should be said in that situation….
    Ben took the lead while I brought ryan up the rear…. Damn that sounds gay. I still checked around each corner for enemies. And I also still had my finger and thumb in the shape of a gun. Once we got in bens room… me and ben, along with ryan had a joyous celebration….WE saved private ryan
    We celebrated with another session
  2. Yeah that movie was pretty intense.

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