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    What are some cool things to save money for other then for weed. Anything cool that an adult would want dont say no stupid shit please and lets be appropriate Im not trying to save more then 1500
  2. Hash?
    Just jking I know its kinda weed.
    I would buy car and fuel and drive around :)
    Other thing would be probably useful phone, or some cool stereo set.
  3. save for a yacht and sail intertnational waters
  4. Your future
  5. a monkey
  6. A wonderful trip to Amsterdam. :) Dank weed and sexy bitches. :D Damn, I had a great time... :yummy:

  7. A car, a place to live, bills...
  8. a down payment on a grow house.
  9. Some high quality grow supplies & a hidden room
  10. A fucki9n motorcycle cant wait to one. After i get that though id guess my funeral i know id kill myself on it
  11. how about a house or a car
  12. I like ur sig
  13. He said not more than 1500...

    You can get a nice ass computer, a few classy suits, or maybe a new television.

    The possibilities are endless my friend, I just listed some things I need.
  14. Someone already said it, but your future. You don't have to save up for something, you can just save up untill you mass so much money that you don't even notice when you spend it. Spend a little, but do not be stingy, Money's only value is what you put into it.

  15. Ayyy. Thanks bro

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