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Stress Saving concentrates and money

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by StoneTownSoldier, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. So I recently been using a nail with a dome setup but it uses a lot of butane and I find the water to cause it to stick to the glass more. It actually gets probably around 85% vaporization and the rest is stuck in the pipe cause it cools it off. But I have a glass tube I got in CO that I find at glowing red temperature will vaporize dabs to almost 90% the rest sticking to the inside cause it cools it down a little but it's a lot more harsh smoke. I really prefer water though cause it's a smother hit it's just it takes so long to heat nails.
    However since I sometimes find medical wax is it still medical if it's out of a nectar collector or is it more medical out of a water pipe?
    Or would the best application for medical wax be like mixing it in oil and cooking it? Honestly water hits are not nearly as harsh as my less expensive method of using it. But it was only $9 here's what it looks like [​IMG] Anyway what do you guys think the best medical use for wax is? Is it more medical from a bong or like the same? Or is it best to eat wax in stuff like muffins and other baked goods? I personally think my dome nail setup is the most medical but the nectar collector wastes almost nothing if you don't mind the hash hit. But the dome doesn't waste much ether it's just a lot more butane to heat up. However my lighters refillable so I don't mind but it does make it ultra smooth.
  2. I've got a glass stick I use sometimes and it's always smoother to do nose dabs with it; that is inhaling through the nose rather than through the mouth. You just don't want to inhale too quickly, because then you get a glob in your nostril. Ouch. But, really, it's way smoother that way. Your nose may gunk up a bit, like your lips sometimes can with dabs. A little coconut oil makes it melt away.

    If you like the water, but it sticks to the glass, if there's anyway you can save the oil when you clean the piece (scrape it out or catch the glob and dry it out if it's floating in water), I make edibles all the time with my reclaim. If the reclaim is pretty gunky or not something I want to eat, I make topicals with it. The nice thing about edibles with reclaim is that you've already decarb'd a good amount of it, which is difficult to do with concentrates. But the high terpenes can make some people sick, so thinning them out with oil is best.

    Cannabis is medical no matter how you use it. It's the most medical when it does you the most good. Period. :)

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