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Saving a bowl pack question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Gcmsboy, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. If I smoke a half a bowl pack of some really good stuff, save the other half for later, it's probably not going to get me as high because I burned all te trichromes already right? I'm not trying to conserve weed, just wondering about this
  2. The green hit is always best, but if it'll still smoke, it'll get you high.

  3. Yes! but I do what op does. Just corner the bowl.

    I told my friend to corner a bowl with me and he just took the flame through the whole top, Then I smoked the rest of that bowl. Asked him if he wanted to corner this bowl again. lmao he was feeling salty as fuck, idiots.:p
  4. It'll get you high still even if you torch it but the flavor will be gone. The top burns/melts trics and the lower is saved until the cheerried bowl reaches the temp to ignite the trics at the bottom or middle. :smoking:
  5. Just take snaps. Turn that two hit bowl into two separately packed hits.
  6. Yeah, just load snaps. Green hit every time and it lasts longer and it's better than smoking half the bowl and putting it out.
  7. If you gonna do that definitely corner the bowl when you hit it. I've saved bowls this way and it was a straight smoke, and high, for later when I smoked it.
  8. Are u saying you want a way to conserve the bowl while your at work or something? I have a buddy who just puts plastic wrap over the bowl of his pipe and it seems to keep it fresh and all pretty well till hes done. ofc even if he didnt wrap it itd still work the same id imagine.. haha
  9. I used to think the same thing when my friends would pack big bowls of MY weed and hit it once and say they have finished it when the whole bottom half or the sides are still green, it's very wasteful, I usually just pack standard amounts and snap them with one go.
  10. Yeah itll forsure get you high, just corner it like the others have said
  11. I'd just pack smaller bowls.

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