saveing semi sick hydro momma medi clone

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  1. So I have had some bad luck with males and roots lately, but my medi clone had some discolored roots and some wrote and I have been adding cheap peroxide to it for the last 2ish weeks and its started to get nice new roots and the old roots are still there though and some of them fall off but I fill and drain it a few times and only a few remain, so then now these new roots are here and healthy so I changed the water again, a few times and added the hydro guard.

    Was doing the hydro guard instead of peroxide at this point a good idea?
  2. Hydro guard is good.

    The best way to get rid of dead roots is with Sensizym or Hygrowzyme. The enzymes will eat the dead root and leave everything nice and clean.
    In this photo you can see the black dead roots from a male I killed. After I added the Sensizyme the dead roots got ate.
  3. There not all black like that in your pick but def darker,

    so do you think me using peroxide for a wile and then the guard will protect the new roots?
  4. If you keep the rez temp between 65-68ºf then all you need to do is make sure there a lots of bubbles.

    I alway throw a small aquarium powerhead in the bottom of the rez so that everything stay well circulated.

    Botanicare states this about Hydroguard:

    HYDROGUARDâ„¢ is a biological water treatment that helps suppress and resist damping off diseases. HYDROGUARD â„¢ is an all-natural biological stimulant that assists in the management of disease cycles. Unlike the use of fungicides alone, the use of HYDROGUARD â„¢ breaks the chronic disease cycle while leaving no toxic residues.

    If you are growing new roots, then your process is working and I would keep going with it.

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