saved pitbulls:)

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    Our daddy dog homer was about 8 months old and had been tied to a trailer with a two foot leash for quite a while. the ungrateful owner gave richards dad a little money and said to get rid of him, or do what ever he wants with the dog, he didnt care one bit what happened to the dog. this picture is homer now at about 5 years old, he has three daughters including my dog, in the pic below with me, and one son that we kept from the liter, not including the five that found a home when they were puppies. if we never saved him we would not have our dog family. homer is the most sweetest most loveable dog ever, and we are so happy to have him in our lives:)
    picture at:
  2. heres one of my saved dogs,Peanut she was 1 and 1/2 when we got her, she was a coke dealers dog that he had already breed twice. (Dixie) i dont have a pic of my other one but we found her in fort lauderdale at 3 months.

  3. Was she violent when you got her? Just wondering if the coke dealer bred her to be violent and protect his stash.

    Beautiful dog though.
  4. shes not violent at all, in fact she is the most calm dog i have probably ever met... but you know how everyone is with their dogs haha. cuddles up next to you in bed and sleeps across your legs so you cant get up in the morning hahahaha
    the other one is also very nice but very protective of everyone in our family haha she doesnt like certain people, unlike peanut.
  5. pit bulls are amazing dogs, such a shame that ignorant people form such bad opinions of them.....
  6. Tiger is a dog we found in the ghetto. It was 100degrees out that day on a busy road. His tail looks like someone tried to dock it themselves and he's missing teeth amd has scars all over him, he had sores all over when we found him. Doesn't like when people get emotional or violent. Good dog, though :)
  7. I don't want to get into a dog debate, I like most all breeds including well-behaved pit bulls, but statistically they are the most dangerous breed.
  8. No worries man, there's no debate. A dog's behaviour is a direct result of it's owner. If the dog has a good and educated owner, it will be a good dog. If the owner is a poor owner that punishes the dog and is aggressive and angry, the dog will be bad. Glad I could clear that up for you.:)
  9. Seriously. That is likE saying that certain races are the most dangerous because they are statistacly in prison more. It's an ignorant opinion and starting it by saying u like well behaved pit bulls does not cover ur ignorance. U should like all well behaved dogs, breed regardless
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    I think the thing behind that is because they are strong, and sometimes they are a relativly high mantinence breed. Just like labs. Or chows.

  11. ill be more than glad to correct YOU.
    i love pitbulls,i plan on owning one soon. But you cant argue statistics.
    and saying the pitbull breed doesnt tend to be one of the most aggresive breeds is like saying the doberman breed isnt one of the most loyal breeds.

    also your saying a dogs behaviour is a direct result of its owner. it an extent.
    you sure have heard "nature vs nurture" argument, but there has been recent research that shows nature is at a dominant 80% of a being's traits, nurture being 20%.
    and i dont know about you, but the dogs that have been in dog fights, malnourished, neglected tend to be the best dogs in my experience. they got heart.

    im sorry but im very opinionated.

    Long story short: i love pits but they do tend to on the agressive breeds
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    Um that is some sick fucking shit right there.....

    And to address your post, recent research has shown that 100% of a dog's behavior a result of it's nurture. My current dog used to be extremely dog aggressive, and would kill rabbits. Now, she has a hard time not licking other dogs to death, and shows no aggression to smaller animals whatsoever. Tell me how that isn't 100% due to me being an awesome dog owner.

  13. i said in my experience. you might have had different expiriences. and i meant the best spirited animals, theres just something about them thats different.
    random thought: animal planet's show about animal control and protecting animals i forget what its called, they rescue pits,cats,chihuahuas and what not, they allways put the story about how great the dog was and it was adopted 2months later with happy pictures.
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  15. bumping this cause i'm not sure if you saw my edit or not

    And no doubt rescuing a dog is a great thing, I rescued my current dog, and she's the best.

  16. Proof please about your recent research.
    Im sorry but your not really helping your argument much, your tunnel sighted with you experience and refuse to listen.
    Tookie Williams,founder of the gang Crips, Convicted for couple murders. turned his life around in jail, even wrote a book and apologized for everything he did. COMPLETELY CHANGED

    but what about those HUNDREDS of people in the same spot that dont change at all?

    and for that other post about relating pits to certain races being in jail more than others all i can say is...
    how is SCIENTIFIC STUDIES and STATISTICS ignorant and racist?

    sure its not the most moral thing to say, but its the more educated thing to say. wouldnt it make you ignorant going against it?
  17. You first homie

    It's not that a statistic is racist, but, for example, if blacks have the highest crime rate out of any race, it would still be absurd for me to be afraid of all black people because 'ooh well they are the most aggressive'. Same thing for pitbulls. Because there are tons of dog owners who do not understand simple dog psychology, that does not mean that we can blame the dog for it's behaviour. Koko(my dog:love:) was extremely dog aggressive when we first got her. As soon as she saw another dog, she would immediately begin to growl and try to advance towards the dog in an effort to attack or kill the dog. Now, instead of saying 'ah shucks that's just the way she is! just her genetics, nothing I can do about it', I actually took the time to do some research on how to correct this behavior. And, over the course of 2 months, she went from completely dog aggressive, to such a friendly and wonderful dog. Aggression is the outcome of a problem, not the problem.

  18. Right people are so dumb, all of the pitbulls i've met are just like another dog.

  19. This is exactly what i was thinking, animals are fucking bad ass i hate when people are mean to them it makes me wanna freak out
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    Horticulture, how about u man? Can u please show me the stats about pits and how dangerous they really r, compared to other dogs. I'd ur all science, show us ur stats

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