saved by the bell

Discussion in 'General' started by GreenLantern420, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Has anyone noticed that they started playing saved by the bell on Cartoon Network? Let me be the first to say WTF!?!:confused:
  2. yea they explained it on one of their schedule lineups.

    i never liked it when it was on the air, kinda sucks.

    give me robot chicken.
  3. LMAO! now fuggin way. you gotta be lieing to me
  4. hahahah yeah man, just goes to show you stoners run it by being THAT random
    [crappy 1980's live action tv show network]

    oh god and the commercials for it, soooooo druggie influenced

    mr belding laughing
    and jessie yelling "IM SO EXCITED" in slow mo.....creppy kinda and cool colors
  5. Haha those parts are great. When its all in slow mo
  6. if i had the cartoon network, all i could say would be thank god.

    i love sbtb ;)
  7. heard it was on 'ME tv' too along with punky bruster

    the latter was classic... lol
  8. yea, what the hell is up with this. I mean CARTOON network should have nothing but cartoons, not to mention why is saved by the bell on adult swim, it's just plain stupid
  9. well, adult swim even makes fun of it, so i think it's only a couple wek thing
  10. they've now started whoing live-action movies in the evenings on cartoon network.... so... yeah.

    they apparently have had this response a great deal, and infact did a series of bumps about it... they had a fan letter bitching them out about it, but they basically bit their thumb at them and said "fuck you! we like it!"

    besides, it's only for 2 weeks. And besides, it's a passable show. not my favorite, but not bad.

    what i think as needs to do is get rid of their all-anime saturdays. CN already has all anime friday nights... and they've noticed no-one's watching on saturday nights. Though honestly, I would be happy if as got rid of all their anime.
  11. good point, i owuldnt mind if they reran earlier futurama family guy etc. i hate turning on friday at 12 and seeing anime shit. oh well thats what friday night stand up on comedy central is for.
  12. Yeah, anime sucks.
  13. Saved by the Bell is GAY!
  14. for some reason when i was younger i liked it, so i can still manage to watch it now. doesnt bother me none :smoke:
  15. When I was a kid saved by the bell was an AWESOME show. i liked it up untill the dreaded......
    (insert psycho knife stabbing noises)
    but anyways, i think its hillarious that they put it on cartoon network. around here at least 1 out of every 15 sessions we end up talking about shit from "back in the day" like the power rangers and how the pink ranger was so hot and all that kind of stuff. but now its like the only times we enjoy stuff like that is when we watch it and just laugh cause of how stupid it is in this day and age. I think that that could possibly be why cartoon network is doing it.
    and hey, don't diss on anime, chances are your idea of what anime is has been corupted by the likes of sailor moon and that type of stuff, but there are some kick ass animes.
  16. you wanted to play doctor with the two girls lol

    most of my friends did back in the day

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