Saved a snake lol

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  1. I was on the PC and the kids came running inside saying uncle uncle there's a snake in the back yard! So I was like hell yea some action jumped up put my shoes on and ran outside ready to kill this thing, haha.

    IDK why but I'm deathly afraid of snakes and if one crosses my path it will be killed, always has, but this snake was caught in some mesh wire down by the rabbit cage.. I felt so bad, the plastic wire was actually cutting into his skin :( i felt so bad because he was trapped and in pain. I started to think if that was me if i was trapped in wire and it was cutting threw my skin.

    It was actually a pretty big snake and looked poisonous so I kept my distance and was breaking the plastic wire with a stick, it was still around his body cause i wasn't about to pick this fucker up and get every piece of, but i got most of it off and picked him up with a stick and carried him down the road and put him in the field.

    weird right? i was going to murder this fucker and i saved his life.

    p.s the snake smelled like unadulterated shit, i mean terrible, i was almost puking

    COOL STORY BRO time.
  2. If you said it smelled bad it prob was just a rat snake which arn't poisonous. But good for you OP, I usually kill the fuckers too but was a good thing to do.
  3. somewhere else in the world a helpless snake was geting his head chopped off while you saved one from its own mistakes.

    shame. i would have killed it.
  4. Many species of snake are capable of "musking" when they feel threatened, similar to how skunks "spray" when they feel threatened.

    Good on you for saving it. There's no reason why we can't peacefully coexist with snakes. Most are perfectly harmless and those that aren't want nothing to do with anyone anyway.

  5. yeah i especially didn't want to kill it after it was cornered by three people and trapped in wire and i was poking at its face with a stick and it didn't bite so i was like damn this thing isn't even attacking then it defiantly wouldn't attack me if i was just swimming or something
  6. Good job OP, you're a hero in the snake kingdom now
  7. the other day I found a snake and I karate chopped it and it died. hate those fuckers they're creepy
  8. I'd a shot it with some .22 bird shot. Or the 12 gauge depending where it was at. Lol but good for you op. I know the snake can repay you or even comprehend what you did but karma may take care of you. +rep.
  9. Did it eat the rabbit?
  10. i readthis thread as 'Shaved a snake lol'

    lol am so high
  11. I would of pulled up a chair, and watched a great event in human history.
  12. No the rabbits were fine, it was a couple feet away tangled in the mesh shit that was left over from the cage, probably what he was trying to get to and eat the babies cause i don't think a rabbit can fight a snake.
  13. People in this thread trying to act hard " AYe would uf shot duh snakee , doiii i are ascared , doiii i dun would've shots it witd mah 12 gauge doii" 'Fuck up. Its just a snake.
  14. [quote name='"ThatDank18"']People in this thread trying to act hard " AYe would uf shot duh snakee , doiii i are ascared , doiii i dun would've shots it witd mah 12 gauge doii" 'Fuck up. Its just a snake.[/quote]

    They are our enemy! Think about your ancient ancestors who had to watch out for those fuckers in the trees.

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