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    Kind of a long read, so if your too lazy to read it all there will be a summary for you.

    What a day at work. Not only were we so busy with inbound and outbound traffic, but the alarms kept going off and we didnt know why.
    I just happened to look out the window and see a driver with a supposed load to be let out. But I noticed he came up fast and stopped abruptly infront of the gate (this guy was a regular) and it was not like him to do that. I see him stumble out of his cab. He walked to the back of the trailer to seal it up, but he was walking like he was drunk. I told my co worker (who is diabetic) that something is wrong with the driver and that he is walking like hes drunk.
    We immediately go outside, and notice he is soaked. Like all of him. His shorts, his hat, his shirt, his socks. He must of been sweating a full gallon. He smelled really sweet, and my co worker immediately knew he was in a diabetic shock. He was concious, but not responding to us at all. So we guided him to our office (we are security for a candy warehouse) and sat him in my chair which was closest to the door. Our other co worker immediately knew he was fucked up. She went outside to stop all outgoing traffic while i took the keys out of his truck and got a shunter (another truck driver) to move his truck while my other co worker called an ambulance. I went back inside and got him a chocolate bar and water. I tried to get a response but it was not working because he was completely gone. He was pretty much out. His eyes were open but they were lifeless.
    So i called the warehouse's health and safety supervisor and told him we got a driver who is in our office who is in diabetic shock. He came in like 3 seconds to our office, lol.
    The ambulance got there pretty quick, and they started to do their thing. They hooked him up to an I.V of water and started toweling him dry to give him shots of liquid sugar. All of a sudden the warehouse's manager comes storming in with some contracted guys and starts crowding the room. So i politely told him to leave with his collegeues and that everything is under control and that we need room for EMS to do what they need to. The manager shook my hand outside the office and left.
    EMS then put a huge needle of sugar into his stomach. After that he regained conciousness. The EMS guy told me to get him so carbohydrates like a sandwich or something.
    Well, it was lunchtime for the shift so I was hoping someone would be nice. I went into the lunchroom and asked for someone to give up their lunch for this guy. Another diabetic gave up his sub. The supervisor said he would extend his next break and will have his choice of lunch reimbursed.
    The driver began to eat and we gave him some juice and water and called his dispatch. He refused to go to the hospital so we had to get another driver to pick him up.
    The EMS guy said that his reader was not picking up his blood sugar level (cuz it was so low) and that he almost went into a coma. After monitoring him for a few more minutes his blood sugar level went back up to 4 and climbing. It was good to see him back to his old self again :)

    I noticed a truck driver stop very oddly (he was a regular) at the gate. He got out his truck and stumbled. Me and a co worker find him concious but unresposive and smelling sweet at the back of his trialer. He was covered in sweat from head to toe. We brought him to our office, called EMS, called the supervisor of health and safety and stopped all traffic. Tried to get him to eat a candy bar, and drink water but he went unconcious. EMS came, gave him liquid sugar and did their thing. Someone gave up their lunch so this guy can eat and regain his sugar levels. Another diabetic gave it up. Things were all good after that. He almost went into a coma but thanks to everyones quick response we caught him in time. :)
  2. Good observational skills save lives :)

    With my diet I'll probably develop diabetes some day, I'll be counting on you to save my ass when that time comes
  3. That's pretty cool.
  4. You are fantastic. Way to recognize the signs--especially the sweet, ketone smell coming off of someone in diabetic shock.

    I'm glad you're looking out for your fellow humans, 'specially the diabetic ones. Good on ya!
  5. Niiiiiiiiceeee...

  6. This^

    Also, nice way to word the story, clearly, and everything.:hello:
  7. my first aid course clearly paid off, haha. It was very ironic that a hypoglycemic was at a candy warehouse. Couldn't be at a better place. :p
  8. I always thought a woman in charge was sexy.
  9. Nice story. Had me in suspense and then put smile on my face by the end. :)

    Have some neutral rep!
  10. This story makes me even more excited to be an EMT.

    You seem like you'd make a pretty damn great one.
  11. Well done! It is a good thing you realized that he was in diabetic shock, and knew how to react. I am sure that guy had a lot of "thank you"s to give :eek:
  12. Nice!

    I really appreciate the summary! :smoke:
  13. I always thought about it, cuz I always seem to be at the wrong places at the right time (i seen people get stabbed and almost O.D on shit) and was usually a first reponder. But I truthfully don't think I have the mental ability to do it for a living. It would definately take a toll on me.

    Thank you to everyone who read the story and for the rep's. (even if they were neutral, it's the thought that counts) :wave:
  14. wow nice job

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