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Save your roaches!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DaZEED&ConFuseD, May 25, 2003.

  1. Its a ritual with my stoner buddies that we keep all the roaches in a bag and save them for when we have no weed. Then when we are all unhappy about having no weed... we whip out our bag of roaches and through those hoes in the bong. It works really well since when we do have weed its hard to not smoke it cuz we never can remember that we hav roaches saved up.
  2. haha lol.... my friends do that too... lol... but i usually never have any roaches cus i always just load a big Ol' bowl!
  3. of course i save the roaches, i wouldnt just throw them away.. but when i smoke with certain friends, and its their weed, they always smoke the roaches after we are done smokin the joints and i hate it cuz im usually as high as i can get after the joints are done. just more damage to the throatal area!

  4. Yah one could do that... but normally we'll just smoke the roach so far down there is nothing left to save. Or as it is getting down we through it in a pipe to finish off.
  5. I usually save the roach to drop in a pipe when I come down off my high.
  6. i save my roaches because they're super resinated:D
  7. i save roaches for a rainy day. they are nasty though!
  8. i go through my ashtray and empty the roach ends and usually get a nice J from that, or a pipe hit.

    after a 27 spliff session with my friend harry we opened the roach ends the next mroning and got TWO PURE SKUNK SPLIFFS from them! damn we were pleased.
  9. I always save mine. That way I almost always have some.
  10. I save my for if and when im ever out , and thats not going to happen to many times lol
  11. who ever thought a roach could save the day??? after me and the tokies have enough roaches for somebody to actually notice we empty them all out and roll a roach sweet.....not to tasty but always satisfying..
  12. I try to save my roaches, but I smoke 'em too often.
  13. Wow! I never thought of that, but I generally smoke my roaches right down so theres nothing left
    Ill have to remember that trick for a rainy day ;)
    Love and rollers rights, Sideshow Bob x
  14. Usually I leave about a 1/4 inch roach. You can still easily hold it and pass it, but it's pretty much done and makes killer hits later.

  15. thats what i do, its like getting a j and a bowl, instead having to take more out of your stash to pack it up.

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