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save the weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by purple sativa, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. So i was just about to make some brownies and i put my bud in the oil, and put the oil in my oven at 350, about 10 minutes in i realize i put the bud in the wrong kind of oil, so after being in olive oil for 15 minutes at 350 i have some bud and some oil... just throw them away or save them?
  2. olive oil works.
    maybe just not as well as the more fat oils like coconut

  3. Well the recipe for the edibles called for coconut oil and i accidentally used olive oil, so halfway through the baking in the oven i pulled out the oil and put in bud with coconut oil, but now i have this half baked olive oil bud and im not sure if i should throw it away or maybe if the i could still use the oil or what? :confused:
  4. lol man. your were only using the oil for its high fat properties you shouldnt have taken it out. strain the plant matter from whatever oils you have and bake with it.

    the recipe called for coconut oil because thats the highest in fat and does the best job at the cannabinoid extraction but olive oil works just as well, might be a tad less effective but you can substitute the two.
  5. Yeah I've used olive oil and it worked fine man..

  6. oh yeah i know that haha, i only took it out because this brownie recipe tastes nasty with olive oil. I could use the olive oil or the bud for other edibles i was just wondering if they would still work?
  7. The oven? Every recipe I've seen uses the stove
  8. man finish cooking that olive oil....
    bake something else...take a shot of the oil....throw it on some ice cream... give it to a friend...put it in a smoothie...options are endless.

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