Save The GIRLS! how to accelerate flowering?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by TheDridge, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. I'm trying to accelerate 5 girls(5'-6'ft tall), who I planted on june 16th and who flowered on Aug 8th, to go through the process of maturing faster so I can harvest earlier because if they are left as is to grow naturally I fear they will not mature in time for winter since i live in Ohio. I have them in 2 gal containers and I have a shed nearby that I am thinking about moving them into to induce more flowering and budding by controlling the light cycle.

    Will doing this help make the girls mature any faster? and if so what lighting cycle would you recommend I put the ladies on?


    Save THE GIRLS!!!!
  2. ive heard of using trashbags or some other source of light proof material over the plants but its probably going to be tough for you to move them everyday at just the right time. you would have to do the same thing with the bags. i feel it wont be worth it. i think all the effort will not likely change the outcome. try some of the different strains out there that flower earlier. i am having the same problem where i am because i gut sativas growing which will probably not finish before the frost. so next year im getting a prodominantly indica strain so it will flower earlier or maybe ill try something like early misty or something.
  3. July 16 sry, they are 2 months old now and looking very healthy but i still need advice on how to speed up the maturing process because i think the early fall/winter weather will kill them..

    Any ideas how to fix my problem would be amazing..
  4. if there 6 foot tall they wont die on you
  5. like i said your not going to find a practical solution. theres no way to speed it up unless you A bring them inside under an artificial light or B did like i said and put light proof material or put them in a light proof place at exactly the right time everyday. but if you dont want to take my word for it thats fine i guess.
  6. i was listening to you thats what my near by shed could be used for correct? but if done what would be the best light cycle 12/12 then work my way down to 9/15? for some reason that sounds good to me how does it sound to you? and how long should i control the cycle a few weeks or until harvest?
  7. if your plants are already flowering, which most outdoors in the northeast should then 12/12 photoperiod will not speed up flowering, it'll only induce flowering.

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