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  2. I lawled at the guy rapping for the first 15 seconds.

    "the failure is theirs because theyve stolen our wealth"

    did he mean to say the success is theirs?
    and the failure is ours?
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    Lmao probably
  4. Matt Damon is an airhead.
  5. Corrected.
  6. Million Teacher March' Falls About 992,000 People Short

    Teachers unions and their supporters hoped to draw 1 million people [1] to Washington D.C. last weekend for their “Save Our Schools” rally. They apparently fell about 992,000 people short.

    The embarrassing attendance underlined one major truth – there is no mass movement to maintain the status quo in our nation's public schools. The only people defending the current system are those who profit from it, like the leaders of the nation's teachers unions.

  7. Usually when people alter my quotes, I don't agree, but I do with this one.
  8. Does Matt Damon send his children to public schools?
  9. At least she looks good. I'd bang her.
  10. I saw the girl from The Adjustment Bureau on Conan a while back, and she was saying how during every scene in the movie where there was a crowd being held back by a barricade (like at the Statue of Liberty scene), everybody was chanting "Matt Damon" from Team America, rofl.

    That is all.
  11. I always wondered about this. Looks like I got to dust off my resources skills, track this man down and stalk him......


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