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  1. They seem to be doing so good then the tip of the leaf turns light green then it gos brown then it dries up. What am i doing wronge. Im i overwatering or am i under watering i tried both and it almost killed 2 plants please help
  2. are you adding any fert at all?......Peace out....Sid
  3. We'll need more info......age of plant....light source....wattage....grow space.....indoor or out? temp if you know! distance from light?.....size of container as much as you can provide....Peace out....Sid
  4. its a 1.5 foot plastic tub its got 200 watts of light mounted on the lid powered by a ballest. Ive got 3 plants. the walls of the tub are covered in tin foil so whats wrong o ya theres holes drilled in the sides and a fan blows into them thats my ventalation so whats wronge with my set up?????????????????
  5. Do you have the tinfoil fitted with the dull side facing the should have, if not it can cause hotspots on the plant, like a magnifing you have all 3 plants in the same tub? if so they will need they're own pots before the roots start to tangle with each other! what distance is the light from the 200w it shouls be at least 8" from the plant...also which type of light are you using? MH or HPS if none of the later then you'll need one, normal halogen won't do!!! may possibly be heat stress! you'll need to get a reading from in the grow box...a household thermometer will do the job aim for approx 81 degrees farenheit, as for watering just feel the soil approx an inch or 2 under the surface if it still feels moist then wait a little bit more before watering....optionally get a water probe with a reading as to how wet the soil is.....Hope that helped you.....Peace out.....Sid
  6. initially,,, when you plant your seeds what is the best recommeneded depth for the seeds to go under the soil

    How deep will will the roots go compared to the size of the plants

  7. Can't ever say I've seen a recommended depth, I have always planted about 1 cm into soil and have always had very good success in germination.
  8. brown tips = overferilizing.

    try flushing the system and back off the nutes.
  9. thx for da help man
  10. 1/2 inch in the soil

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