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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Dtrain, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. I recently overfertilized my plant by way of using too high of a concentration of fertilizer relative to the volume of water being used. Now the leaves are covered in brown spots and are curling sharply at the edges. Is my plant dying? Is there anything I can do to reverse the process? Thanks.
  2. flush with tepid water balanced at ph 5.5 if ya can.
  3. hey guys, does it matter what temp of water u use..cause i use bathtub water is that bad?,

    god damn plants..they are looking eough........:(
  4. they are wrong....

    if u use soil, which i would think u do, remove that soil INSTANTLY!

    then just start over...and u will be fine.

    flushing only gets rid of part of the problem and its better than nothing but get rid of that soil.

  5. why do you use bathtub water?
    I dont think warm water is any good to plants.
  6. he can use the same soil, all he has to do is flush. he will however recover quicker if he replants with new soil, bigger pot etc...
  7. yes, you will have to flush it. Flushing is just watering with plain water equal to to 2x the size of your pot. For example if you gave a 1 gal pot water with 2 gallons.

    By flushing it almost erases any main nutrients and almost anything that can be disolved by water. After flushing because of a burn you should give them a mild 10-10-10 fert using half a table spoon per gallon of water.

    Why are you overferting are you in flower? You dont need to fert that much durring veg to begin with and learn how to read directions! As simple as it seems they are right almost 100% of the time.

    And a bit of advice organic soil is the way to go, it makes a more healthy plant because its growing naturaly with all it needs. All the setting are close to perfect for the is plant to grow and almost no risk of burnning if as long as you dont get carried away with blood meal or bat guano because they can burn yor plants.
  8. I like growers advice, been doing this for over 10 years, no need to repot, that will only add to your problems, ph some water to 6.0 flush x3 not x2 your container and watch it come around, remember this is a weed we a re growing here, i have seen and grown plants that pepps have given to me as dead and gotten 2-6 oz per plant flush flush flush!!!!!!! Organic IS the way to go buddy!!!!!!! We need to talk grower!!!!!

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