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  1. I live at 10000ft altitude in the SanJuan Mountains In CO one of the only places in the world with the freedoms we have. I was Gifted these plants that are obviously behind schedule
    I don't know how they made it this far... Survivors they are known Blue cheese plants, Females, both (2) are about two feet tall and look healthy.

    I am well versed in pharmacology and also botanicals; well so much to say in the manner they work inside humans.

    I have almost no knowledge of growing
    ( novice not ignorant)
    I just haven't focused on growing aspects of MMJ and I most likely would not have had these not fell into my lap so easy as they have.
    Must of come to me in help with my pain issues as it is heavy indica which I LOVE.
    ACTUALLY kimbo slice at 28% was a great Hit!...
    But these are blue cheese plants.
    I'm new to the forum so I need to figure how to upload pictures to help me ID my timing
    They just now started to flower first week, perhaps someone had them saved under "24" and happen to need to move now I have no equipment to produce good growing space for them any longer.

    It's clean, has a nice fan
    No need for privacy
    4ft by8ft by 10ft tall
    I can make it smaller; enclosed to use less lights

    I will buy CFL as I can not get to a store nor could set up a bigger ballast system
    This need be a small op.

    So Should I save them put under 12hr CFL/12hr pitch black for four week?

    Can I clone these? Should I clone them? And what could I do to start a small SOG organically grow operation with these as mothers ?

    Thanks for your time!


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