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  1. Soil- black gold with about 30% drainage
    Nutes- fox farm grow big (haven't added any yet, young clone)
    lights- 400w hps
    temp- high 70s

    transplanted this thing this afternoon from a red solo cup to a 1 gallon pot,
    and its leaves feel quite dry! now, the front tip of one is starting to curl upwards.

    all of the leaf's sides are curled inwards.

    i can't figure out what's going on!

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  2. It shows symptoms of magnesium deficiency, but kinda unlikely in a young plant. I would think more along the lines of shock, from transplanting. Keep them well watered (moist but not wet) and add a little vitamin B-1 to your water. Things should clear up within a week or so.
  3. thanks!
    any other input?
  4. Isnt casey jones from that ninja turtles movie? hahahaha that stud with the hockey stick.
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    what it the temp in the room not just 70 degrees does the temp go up and down it might be getting to hot in there, maybe not enough water? is there high humid in the? are your lights to close?:wave:
  6. any chance we can get pics without the HPS? it would make it a lot easier to see what's up :)
  7. sure aug, i'll take them when im on my lunch break.

    i looked at the plant, and it doesnt seem to be getting better-
    gave it water, moved it further than the light.. seems a little hot in there-
    going to buy a humidity meter while im at it.
  8. cool man.. it really helps with natural light.

    it doesn't look like anything too severe from those pics. so we'll get you sorted out.

    shoot me a PM if you need to.. i tend to forget a lot :D :eek: :smoking:
  9. the pics

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  10. man it really looks like heat stress to me.

    you say the room is in the 70's.. but how far is the light from the top? Also do you have a fan blowing between the plants top and the light?

    deficiencies IME are pretty rare in soil plants that are this young.

    do you monitor the PH of your water or nute mix that you add to the soil?

    and whatever it is, they still look really good.. so don't stress too hard :)
  11. okay, 70s was a bit generous. the sad fact is, i ordered a new thermometer, but i dont have one now.

    you say it's heat stress, then it most likely is

    should i seal the room (right now it has a few select passive ducts along the sides)
    and use some ducting to make an intake that's right near the window?

    i have some pc fans that i could use to assist when the tube bends, but my intake fan is a 4'' vortex, exhausting into a scrubber.

    the light is cooled via fresh air from outside, and the ballast is outside of this room,
    so what else could it be?

    the light right now is about 24-26 inches away, and i dont have a fan blowing in between the plant and the lights, just from shoots up 'through' the plants, pointed at the light.

    as for ph, i ph the water at around 6, using drops, then add a teensy bit of nutes, in this case, 1/4 of the usual doseage, plus some karma, Endo-Mycorrhizal bacteria in the form of guardian my, and i believe i know how to water a plant.

    what do you think?
  12. first thing i'd get an accurate thermometer and see exactly where your at.

    give it a good dose of just plain old tap or bottled water and raise that light up a few more inches.. just for a few days.

    she'll bounce back fine man...

    also i'd give her some sort of dark period whether it be 4 or 6 hours is you havenj't already.

    all of that just to get her stabilized.. once the new growth starts going crazy (which it will) then lower the light and get back to nutes and everything.

    anyway that's just my .02
  13. can they successfully keep vegging if i give them short dark periods?or is the stretch in the flowering sufficient?

    i've only played with the sun and can't differentiate between my elbow and my ass when it
    comes do what these lights can do.
  14. oh yeah they'll veg forever under 18 hours of light man.
  15. problem solved :)

    should i do it in a block of time, or would spacing it out into chunks have some sort of benefit that would outweigh the stress?
  16. nah man.. no stress at all. 18 on and 6 off.

    you don't have to do it.. but i like giving a dark period if my plants have been stressed.. it just seems to help a bit.
  17. So, i decided it's time for 12/12, purely for temperatures sake.

    here are some new pics. what do you guys think?

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    i think it looks great dude, and i think you're stressing too much :)

    MJ is an extremely resilient plant. If you have the space i'd let her go a little longer under 18/6.

    she looks pretty damn healthy to me dude.. seriously.

    edit: look at that top set of new leaves compared to the bottom ones (which don't even look that bad). The new growth couldn't look healthier.
    i'll bet you anything that in 2 weeks under 18/6 light with nothing but tap water.. that fucker will be a small tree (assuming you have a nice soil mix in there)
  19. would using some different number, like 16/8 matter? because it gets quite hot in there, and i cant order a cooltube until mid october
  20. yeah that would work i guess..

    how hot are we talking here?

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