save by the bell.....WTF?

Discussion in 'General' started by naku06, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. sorry if this is a re-post:

    alright so i was watching my shows on adult swim and suddenly save by the bell came on. i was baked at the time so i reached for the remote so it wouldnt bug me, but i stopped to see what it was about. and for some reason it was hilarious.

    THEN i saw the comercials for the show, they where in slow motion in funky colors, i fucking tweaked. like really tweaked and drop the lighter at one piont.

    one of the comercial had a girl in slow motion saying " im so sorry"...but by the end the 10 seconds it was on i was hearing " im so stoned." they are geniouses if they planned this out for the "stoner" crowd.

    give me your thoughts, peace.
  2. saved by the bell is definetly a fucked up show. those commercials are meant to freak out stoners, sense college kids are their main audience.
  3. I think the AdultSwim guys are fully aware that stoned teenagers/college students make up a huge portion of their audience.

    Lots of their cartoons have blatent drug references, like the samurai champloo episode where they are fighting in a field of burning weed during the "summer of love, where we all danced in that electric purple haze." Lots of their commercials and "bumps" have drugs references as well.
  4. I too was watching adultswim, futurama i think, when suddenly saved by the bell came on, I was pretty high, and decided to check it out. funny show for sure.

  5. Hell, half of the people that work at Williams Street (Cartoon Network's HQ in Atlanta, GA) are stoners. A lot of the Hanna-Barbera People that came in from California now work at the Williams Street Studios with the AdultSwim people. Based on their history, you know they smoke! (Think Scooby Doo, Josie and the Pussycats, etc...)

    They know who thier target audience is. They also appreciate and participate in many of the same things that we (College Aged People) do. Remember the SxSW Party they thew in Austin at SxSW 2005? It was kick ass! They bought drinks for everyone (if they were over 21 or in the know ;-))! That magical smell was coming from one of the many VIP areas... :smoking:

    Those Saved by the Bell bumpers freak me out just like the New VW Jetta commercials were they smack into the airbags and such... ::shudders::

    I honestly think that SbtB is a great addition to [as]. It's funny because it wasn't meant to be to terribly funny. That's what makes it humorous to me. Plus it's cool to see shit that I grew up on back in the day (early 90's). Ah, the decadence and the bad taste in clothing of the late Reagan reign.

    Damn.. I just rambled all over the topic...

    -Antwan L.
  6. I think that Saved By The Bell was a great addition to the AdultSwim lineup. Also, those bumpers with the negative colors and slowed down audio and video tripped me out after smoking a blunt.

    keep smokin'
  7. alright, well...its been a few days and ive been toking and watching SBtB every night. i fucking love it, i dunno why. i cant get enough of it.

    i find it the same way, i feel like i know what the writers where saying exactly when they wrote it.
  8. yeah, i think the dudes at Adult Swim on Cartoon network know that it's mostly stoners who are stoned watching from 11pm-2am (who else would watch cartoons in the middle of the night?)

    that's why they always play that indian tribal sounding song when they do a bump for the lineup/schedule (you know what i'm talking about don't you?; if you do please try to find a link so i can download it. i would like to listen to the full track instead of just 30secs of it.)

    also, you all remember the girl that played Jesse? i saw some movie that she made after the series ended where she was a nude dancer or something. she had so many nude scenes in the movie and she was really hot. does anyone know the name of the movie?

    edit: ^ i think the name of the movie was "showgirls"

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