Save by Stealing!!! ;)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SmokeyDaMan, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. I was wondering, instead of purchasing these expensive lights, could I use a street light or something. They are really bright and have the reflector , I heard about some guy using one from a bike trail before...Of course you would find them just lying on the ground tho
  2. funny title dude
  3. Hehe thanks I wish people would reply to my damn posts, lol though. I have like 2 others I posted for a couple days and everyone reads with out an opinion. Anyways, yeah I was looking at some lights at the back of Hobby lobby and kmart they look like HPS light and give off a red tint.
  4. yeah, they probably are hps lights. when i was looking into getting some for my setup, the guy at home depot showed me a lot of mh and hps lights, and more than half of them were street lights, or decorative type lights.
  5. hey fellas,
    most street lights are hps.
    although i dont think u should steal them, its not really my problem if you do. but i know many people who have grown with stolen street lights before. so go for it.
  6. u can do it but u will look fucking stupid if you get caught. i imagine u in the top of the light trying to cutting it lolololol
  7. I've got a buddy that ganked two out of Target's parking lot. :) Seem to be working fine for him!
  8. i dont know what home depot store you go to but ever home depot i go to just seen bulbs no fixtures for halides or high presure sodiums.what state you in????
  9. hahahahah
  10. i'm from UT, but home depot should be the same everywhere. the lighting fixtures aren't in the same place as the light bulbs at the one i go to, look in the home lighting, and they should have pretty decent hps ballasts for $50-$100.

    P.S. anyone using flouros should definately look into HPS lighting. my friend just stole me a 500 watt HPS light, and in the last week my buds have almost doubled in size, and the crystal production is awesome.
  11. damn nice idea.. i dont know how i could possibly get one down though.. never seen one just lying around either.. hmm.
  12. sounds good. I will have to get onto that next time i drink too much. I am using a 100watt light bulb right now which seems to be dooing supriseingly ok but stems are weak so i think light is weak.
  13. If you do get a street light keep in mind that you might need a new bulb...who knows how long that bulb has been in there

  14. how is the title all screwy like that???
  15. well i have two 175 watt hps lights, do i need a ballast for them or no. Where can i find the ballast or the socket at and how much ar ethey email me at

  16. What is screwy? Poke Smot?

    Oh the Vancouver part? Yea, it just turned out that way.
  17. nah i was pretty ripped when i did that... i didnt mean to quote what u said, but i meant how the title of the thread in the forum is save by stealing but the subject of the actual post was save by wandering... which was really fuckin trippy cuz i thought i was imagining it at the time

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