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  1. SO i was thinking ive been spending increasingly more and more on buying marijuana...if i stopped for a couple weeks would my tolerance go back to where it was like when i first started smokiing? i wanna go back to the good ole days when a gram would last 4-5 days...maybe not THAT extreme but you all know what i mean...any suggestions?
  2. Vaporizer, nuff said
  3. If you truly want to manage your weed well I would quit for a couple of days AND buy yourself a vaporizer. If you can't afford a vaporizer (like I can't at the moment) then just stick to your pipe, bongs will make your sweet goods go fast! Vaporizers won't waste as much weed and will get you pretty high with less.
  4. i was considering it a while back, i smoked my friends once and i was blitzed pretty good...i didnt see how much he vaped, but ido you really need a considerable amout less? like to the point i would be saving dollars not pennies?
  5. so maybe a combo of the 2 ideas? quit for a bit save the money i WOULD use on weed and use that to buy a vape! BOOM! complete strangers coming together and create a plan! Thanks guys! =]
  6. Doesn't anybody do blades anymore?:confused:

    Heat up 2 knives with either a coil stove element or a propane torch, make small little balls of weed, pick up said weed with one hot blade (should stick), and smash that motherfucker between the two knives and caveman that shit like a fucking boss!!!:devious:
  7. i honestly have NEVER heard of this...i have google tabbed as we speak! =]

  8. Must be a Canadian thing. Conserves very well, almost as good as a vape, kind of similar. Note though that you will need iron lungs to be able to handle the hits, quite harsh, but worth it. :D
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    It's not a Canadian thing afaik. I love knife hits.
  10. Vaporizer. You only need .2 to get high. You could literally make a gram last 3-4 days.

  11. Like he said, vaporizers really do save you that much money. Can cut your smoking in 1/2 if used every time. Sounds like you've got yourself a plan though my friend, happy savings!
  12. i gram never lasted 4-5 days for me, but ive done it once before because i wanted to see how long i could make it last.
  13. As Kenjamin said, its not a Canadian thing; more of a hash thing I think...

    [ame=]how to hot knife hash - YouTube[/ame]
  14. Works either way nonetheless. :D

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