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Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by potheadnpothole, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. sorry guys but i had to tell someone....but i got my acceptance letter to SAU (southern Arkansas), but whats more...its a full ride....YIPPEE!! sorry i dont mean to brag, ive jsut smoked a lot of pot now because of it..hehe
  2. Congradulations on the colledge acceptance..
  3. hey! nice. hope you have lots of fun till college.

    uh, and lots of fun in college too
  4. hell yea man.....but i might go to a different school though...cause there you can smoke weed "legally"...if you get caught...you get fined 25 dollars....what a joke!!.....UNLESS YOU START THINKING ABOUT HOW MUCH WEED YOU COULDVE BOUGHT WITH ALL THOSE SPENT 25 DOLLARS
  5. That rocks, man! Take advantage of it and learn everything you can. You should be proud of yourself...a full ride is definitely something to brag about. Way to go!
  6. More smoking to come..
  7. HIGH All, you brag All you want potheadnpothole!!!!!! Way too go!!! (HIGH fives potheadnpothole).

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