satvia dominant low odor plant?

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    been growing northern lights for a while because of their generally low odor. now i'm thinking about something that's satvia dominant but with low odor during the grow. anyone know of a variety such as this?
    i would love to smoke some satvia again - it's been a long time.
  2. Are yes - tired of sitting in that chair all day?

    Indica is all that the boys on the street sell around here so good sativa has almost become my niche.

    IMO - gram per gram - sativas smell less than a lot of indica dominant plants; blueberry for example.

    Have you ever considered Durban Poison?

    Its 100% sativa so you'd probably need to do a lot of training and be very patient.
  3. Imported from South Africa, Durban Poison was produced in Holland and was exclusively inbred, never hybridized. Durban Poison is guaranteed 100% Sativa. To describe this variety, it has long and large bud leaves and equally long and large buds that produce TONS of gooey resin that will make your mouth water. With a sweet licorice or anise flavor, Durban Poison’s high is very uppity and very similar to Thai. This strain produces high yields and is WELL suited for out crossing with late bloomers to produce offspring with an earlier flowering period. Also as a note, even though it is a pure Sativa, it does actually do very well under artificial light. Without a doubt, Durban Poison is a very popular variety of Cannabis.

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