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  1. Well, its been a few days now. I tried to post this earlier but the site went down or something.
    Saturday morning my friend Corey came over to help me out with my car. I've got an 89 Mustang that blew a head gasket and I needed some extra hands to help out. I just got it all fixed up today, finally. After we finished working on it Saturday, he mentioned he had some roaches he brought that he wanted to get rid of. Sweet.

    I rolled them up, and added a few of my own to make one pretty large joint. Just then, my phone rings. It's my buddy James and he says he'll match us if we go to his place. More weed+place to hang out=sweet again.

    We get to his place and all of us go to his back deck, he's got this little shelter thing with a table and chairs set up, so we all sit in there and smoke the two joints. He actually named the two different strains of weed in our joint, Sour Diesel and Crystal Berry. Pretty cool thing to do. His joint had oil coming off of it when we were getting down to the roach, I thought that was pretty cool for some reason too.

    It was windy out, so the walls of the tent thing were moving in and out. We were laughing and saying we were in the lungs of some giant beast or something. I guess his mom was home (we are all 19 but live at home still) and she yells out to him "You shouldn't be doing what you're doing out there right now!". I guess he was watching his cousin, but had put Shark Tales on the DVD player to occupy his attention.

    Corey and I had to leave, so we drove to 7-11 for drinks and food, then went up to the park to look around. There is a mill that makes oats or something up there, and in the light it looked like a 3D render from Half Life 2 or something. I mentioned that a Strider should walk through and mess some shit up, but that didn't happen. This old guy kept walking back and forth in front of his truck, which sucked, but he didn't say anything to us.

    We talked alot and listened to a Classic Rock station until supper time, he dropped me off at my house and I made barbecued chicken and a huge salad. Pretty good stuff, especially at the time. There was a Simpsons marathon or something on, so I watched that until 9 or so, cruised GC for a bit, then went to sleep. Another great experience.
  2. hell yeah man, one time me and my buddy rolled a fat ass blunt with a little more than an 1/8 of some dank ass shit, and we couldn't finish the motherfucker because about 3/4 of the way through we realized that our hands, lips, teeth, gums, face, and clothes were completely covered with sticky molten resin that was leaking out of the back. It kinda sucked, but we were high as shit.
  3. ^^ EWWWWWWWWWW, have you heard of a filter?:rolleyes:
  4. Wow man, nice story. It had good detail.

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