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Saturday Stash - Haze Bubble Hash, 3 Kinds of Dank, 60 MG Oxycodone

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by wunschshrek, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. #1 wunschshrek, Jun 7, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 7, 2009
    Hey Everyone,

    I got quite a nice little stash ready for consumption tonight. I will def use up all the hash and I already took one of the 30 MG roxicodone, have one left.

    The bud is all from a growing friend, I got 2 oz's for free, every time we harvest we trade each other 2 oz's so we get to try out the others bud, smoke more strains, etc. It works out great because we both just grow for personal use.

    The bubble hash is from Isis which is a haze hybrid, and it is fucking kickass -- this is my first time ever getting haze hash, and it is a crazy head rush.

    Ok lets get to the pics.

    - Here is the 30 mg rixocodone, got 2 for $40.00, ate one on the way home lol. No clue how heavy the bubble hash is, didn't bother to weight it -- my friend gave it to me. Already smoked 3 joints full of it lol.

    Ok heres bud 1, I have no clue on the names on these buds, one is appalachian, andother is blue moon (i think the last), no clue on the third



    -- Bud type 1




    - Bud Type 2



    - Bud Type 3

    And the last pictures here are a few snaps of one of my flowering plants, I took it 2 them days ago, it is about 14 days into flowering.

    The strain on this plant is Norther Lights #2 (oasis). I put these as links so people who don't want to see my plants don't have to. I also have a few chemdawg and blueberry plants going.

    Pz guys, Hope everyone else is also having a fun saturday! :smoking::smoking::smoking:



  2. those buds looks great and are you keeping a grow journal on here? i would like to see the harvest on those sexy plants.
  3. I am sort of keeping a grow journal, I don't update it very much, just about every 2 or so weeks.

    This is my first time growing outside and I messed up because I started them indoors, and didn't realize even though it isn't 12/12 outside, moving them from indoor to ourdoor the drastic change in light changes the plant to flowering.

    So i ended up flowering when they were kind of small, only like 3 weeks old.

    But im looking it as a good thing, its still early enough to where im planing 10 more plants outside now, and these will finish nice and early for an early crop :hello: Only thing that sucks is I have to move them in and back out every morning and evening to keep the 12 hours of darkness going lol.

    edit : oh yeah thanks for the comment, i'll add you to friends ;) pzpz
  4. damn that does suck man, they look great though. enjoy that stuff. +rep for the dank plants
  5. Oh yeah they are still gonna produce some good buds, just only about 2 (i'm guessing) oz's per plant instead of much more if they didn't finish up until setp/oct.

    But its cool cause I just started 10 new plants :D So those will go until sept, and now ill have a bunch of bud from these in like july hopefully.

    P.S. I sent over a friend request.
  6. that hash looks like what i just left in my toilet. the bud is looking fucking sweet though. nice grow man.
  7. its bubble hash thats the color its supposed to be ;) TY for your comments
  8. Nice dog man!
  9. That is some serious dank looking bud, very very nice. + ReP
  10. very nice...wut kind of dog u got?
  11. Looks like a nice weekend to me......
  12. The one in my avatar is a 18 month old american pit bull terrier.

    I also have another pit mix, and a german shepard.


    Haha yeah, I ended up taking both roxies, but I couldn't come close to smoking all that hash lol.

    Didn't wake up to 4:30 PM, my eyes feel heavy and almost swollen from all the THC last night lol.
  13. #13 bostondutchmast, Jun 8, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 8, 2009

    i love german shepards...i had a german sheapard and it was my favorite dog ever.

    now i got a rott wierdler bred from a good friend of mine whose mother was a prize winning show dog and stuff but it is having health problems....i also have a black lab i rescued in the ghetto. it was being kicked and hit on by a bunch of mexicans as a puppy and i took it in, the dog had two broken legs and a bunch of other stuff wrong with it almost died. its such a well trained dog it doesnt lick or bite or jump up on anyone. i feel bad for her because u can definitly tell she was tramatized as a puppy. she is part black lab and part chow but its pretty much a lab with a curly tail. lol

    i also love pitbulls. i had an american red nose one but my mom made me give it away a few years ago because all it did was bite people and chew everything up.
  14. Dank as shit man, Nice buds.

    Keep em comin.
  15. Yeah the thing with pits man, is they need tons of exercise. They are a working breed of dogs you know, they were bred to work on farms and shit. I have to take my dog out back for 90 minutes - 2 hours every day for her to run around or she will start doing laps running around the house full speed, breaking lamps and knocking tables over as she goes lol.

    There are a few real good toys you can build, a flirtpole and a springpole are two very active toys designed specifically for pits, to wear them out and make them tired lol.

    Yeah they require a lot of attention to be good dogs, whenever people have dogs that do not behave the first thing I ask is how much daily exercise they get.

    My motto is a tired pit bull is a happy pit bull ;)

    Anyway im rambling, I love my dogs almost as much as I do ganja lol.

    P.S. that was a sad story about the black lab, i don't get how people can hurt a puppy like that. Soul-less bastards.
  16. On to new news, im getting another roxy tonight. Gotta do some work on the computer, so I will be in a nice nod while im doing it lol.
  17. Hell ya man sound like fun!

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