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  1. So me, my boyfriend and two other friends are downtown stoned and trying to bum cigs. One friend asks this guy walking past, "You got a cig man?". That simple question lead to other questions and we ended up[ going to this guy's apt smoking a lot of his fire ass nug and taking a little bit out of his stash. I feel kinda bad about that part though... Wasn't my idea. Ended up going home at 4 A.M. with a 10 sack of reg and about a gram and a half of free nug. (he gave us a bowl, then my man took a little bud when he wasn't in the room)

    P.S. Wake and bake on nugget feels fucking good man.
  2. what a dick. stranger smokes you up for free and u guys steal more? and people who constantly try to bum shit from me piss me off in general.
  3. That's pretty messed up. But that's what this world is all about :/

    You should've posted this in biggest dick move thread
  4. What kind of asshole does something like that and then admits to it? Jesus kid, I hope karma comes back 10 fold on you.

  5. Yeah, I feel pretty bad about it for real. But I wasn't the one that did it and I was like well next time we seem him we have to smoke him up hella. Just cause I feel bad that my boyfriend took some pot doesn't mean I won't smoke what he got though... I love my man but he does some pretty low things sometimes... *sigh* But of course I'm to passive to tell him I think it's fucked. I have a habit of confessing what I do when I feel guilty about something, I suppose that's why I made this thread. :confused:
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    If you're honestly going to smoke the man out and hook him up like he did you, if you really honestly have that intention in your heart, then good.

    But karma is still a witch and she does know your name...

    "Sometimes I feel like, somebody's waaaaatchin meeee"

  7. I am going to. For a sec I considered telling him that one of my friends did it and apologizing for them but I don't even know if he noticed and I'm gonna do my boyfriend like that. But I figure if I smoke him up with as much as got taken then that will be my silent apology and I will feel better about myself. :)
  8. You go from nagging people for cigs, to getting smoked out, to stealing half of a nug, to a free wake & bake?
    I don't know what your doing for a living but its not working. Not trying to be a dick but money can change the way people act ; but yea you deff. Need to smoke him out forsure an not with a 10 sac of reg! Lol ^_^
  9. This is exactly why I stopped smoking random people out, you try to be nice and everyone just takes just cant trust anybody anymore.
    (not you OP, im glad to intent on smoking him out....if you ever see him)
  10. I agree with jdm_420, I still smoke random people out. But it always completely fucking amazes me that when you try to be nice and generous and help people out, certain people will still look to steal and take advantage of you.
  11. wow you and your friends are some scumbags. karmas a bitch. you deserve whatever bad shit heppens to you.
  12. If you made the decision to steal the bud, don't feel bad about it. Just enjoy the bud, it was free!

    No point in getting something free if you're just going to cry about it, be happy cause he'll never know and say fuck karma. :p

    Make sure you thanked him though, and if you two ever do meet again, be sure to smoke him up :smoke:

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