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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. well i wokeup n my bestfriend tells me he got a fifth of vodka n if i want to drink n i'm like yea cool. then my other friend tells me he quit his job and he wants to go pick his paycheckup n buy some kindbud for today so i was like "cool, u wanna come drink wit me and wayne?" n he accepts. then after that this bitch that called me last night tellin me she wanted to fuck for 20 minutes cuz she was drunk, high n on a vicodin, called me again n ask's what i'm doin. after i tell her she asks if she can come n i was like "u gonna pitch in for weed?" n she said she's broke n i should let her come anyway so i was like "i'll let u get fucked up for free if you let me wayne n nick three-P you" n she thinks about it for a second, and then says yes.

    RUNNIN THE TRAIN BABY! haha gonna be a crazy day
  2. Haha, lmao dude, you gotta tape this shit, make some money...Did you try that baulming fluid?
  3. haha i would film it but she only 17, not quite legal to film, or fuck really but i'm only 19 so who cares

    n it turns out the embalming fluid really is just a myth.... oh well i'ma still get my money back one way or another.
  4. Hahah. Nice

  5. pretty hard to get STD's from girls who dont got any, unless aids all of a sudden becomes an airborn virus

    jus cuz guys do the fuckin n girls get fucked dont mean u gotta try to hate
  6. 3/4 people are all going to get drunk off a fifth of vodka?

    haha, that must be some strong shit!
  7. well this chic gets horny jus from smokin weed, and i hate drinkin so i'm only tryin to get a lil buzz goin, maybe like 3-5 shots so even if we're not all drunk who cares, as long as this bitch is fucked up enough for the train haha
  8. Haha, amen to that brutha!
  9. don't forget to play thumb wars man, it's so much fun when you're double stuffing a girl or in your case 3 p, haha you can have a tournament

  10. ahahahahaha jesus christ
  11. Thanks for coming to your sense, man.

    That one had me worried. the IV eightball? go for it. But the second fromalehyde cam up.. oh boy.
  12. Thumb wars while double stuffing, now thats ingenious.
  13. Why would you want some from a chick who can't get some?

    I don't know what she looks like, but from what the sound of that, she can't be that attractive.
  14. That shit is fuckin funny as all hell
  15. Lube dude. Lube.
  16. Todays plans.

    Get fucked up.

    Jave fuin.

    Have fun*.

    Im drunk.

    Its like 7:00 PM.

    Great day.

    Been drankin n dranmkin.

    I got so much beer.

    I can drink my self retarted and have enough to drink like 5 others retarted.

    Its awesome.

    Been playin ball.


    Havin a great day.

    Bout to go smoke a blunt or two.

    Storie tonight.
  17. Hope you got more than that 30 case:smoking:
  18. 4 of em. ;)

    I got money right now.

    Eatin good.

    We was grillin.

    Grilled up some burgers, Fryed up some bacon. Bacon cheeseburgers with lettuce and tommato. Fucking delicious.
  19. Sounds tasty KSR, makin me hungry.

    I woke up and did some work around here and rolled a good long joint.. 1.5g or so. Just like I like em. Smoked that and ripped a few bowls off of my bong and I'm pretty good.. going to a party later I think, or just hang out with my girl.. whatever works out.
  20. forbidding myself from going out otherwise i'll spend money, savin' up till wednesday

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