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  1. anyone else takin SAT's tom morn... time for adderall
  2. I was gonna take it tommrow but I might wait till next fall.
  3. Good luck, kids. I heard the new version's a bitch!

    So let's turn this into the how'd you do thread....i got 1310 (old version) bout you?
  4. haha yeah good luck fellas(i heard the same thing dW?)

    i kinda blew off my sat but since i did well on act(31) i didnt care too much
  5. also never took the SAT... but on the ACT i got a 30...
    but i've heard the SAT is harder then the ACT..
  6. I think I got a 1490 or so on the old scale. Didn't take the ACT.
  7. I'm taking them tomorrow
    I'm from MA too
  8. New version is a bunch of fucking BULLSHIT
  9. yep, i got a 1730 on the psat. I'm just gonna wait till fall of my senior year, my high school grades arnt great (70's-80's) but I do great on all standerized tests. Not to mention my behavior folder is huge(atleast 12 suspensions every year :( ) hopefully I can get into a good college
  10. I got a 1260 (old version) on my SATs, took it once though, and I went to a college where I could've gotten in if I had just gotten a 1000 (at most!)
  11. im glad i was done with that shit a few years ago...
  12. Haha, I went to community college so I could transfer to the university without taking the SATs, and now this past year they changed the rules, so before I transfer i have to take the SATs... and had I taken them in HS, I would have been on the old scale which I hear was easier, but now it'll be the new scale :(

    But I hate standardized tests, that is why I never took them in the first place, it's a waste of a perfectly good Saturday.
  13. I sweated that thing far too much back in the day.
  14. fuck em, i didnt go

    next fall for me, and I took a kaplan review class and shit this year too.
  15. i took them yesturday... wat a bunch of fucking shit... 25 minutes a section...christ fuckin sake i didnt finish a single section... lots of hard questions ..some i looked at and was just.."ha yaa rite..." and skipped em lol
  16. the new versions a bitch because they added essays which are fucking lonngggg
  17. yeah i took them on saturday

    after the 6th session i was liek fucking dillusional

    an i had to take a crap! one minute breaks dont do shitt
  18. Yeah I just got my scores back. I got a 1670. I dont like the essays at all. I got a 490 on it so that hit me hard. I just took the Sat 2 yesterday. I took the math 1 and math 2. Math 2 was pretty hard. Didnt have enought time to finish on that one.Math 1 was pretty easy. I couldnt tell you the difference between the questions thouhg.

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