SAT's on weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by sparkup, Oct 12, 2002.

  1. Do you think you would do better on the SAT's if you smoked up before hand?
  2. being someone who doesnt function better in those situations id say no..but maybe you're the type who can...the most important thing would be not to get fucke dup on your timing, cuz if you forget about thata dn you're on question 2 with only 5 minutes left then you're fucked
  3. I'd say no also. Since STA's are so long, when your high comes down you'll be feeling all tired and shit, making you become lazy and will force you to make designs with your scantron test.
  4. i'd say know and would recomend against it

    in fact it's probably the most important test you'll ever take in your life i personally quit a month before hand and stayed sober until after i took em i ended up getting a really good score and having to pay very little for a very expensive college ed.
  5. Don't get high before you take the test!

    That's just a bad idea. I stayed high all through college and wrote my very best papers while stoned off my ass...but that's different.

    The SAT's are more important than they should be but the fact is that they're VERY important and D-$TRUkTIVE is right about them affecting how much you have to pay for college.

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