satori mandala seedlings... in need of phosphorus?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by toilofday, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Ok bad news, I can't post pics, and I don't have a ph yet, but that should all be ok for the moment.

    First off, Swim (haha psychonauts rule) noticed some purple in leaves on some seedlings. It's been present in one the satori strain seedlings for about 50% of them, after day 5 or so. I'm using foxfarm soil and CFL's. My water is from a britta. I'm waiting to switch because Swims WATER SUCKS SO BAD :mad:. It Smells like a pool and is above 300 on the hardness scale. Oh and ph is crap, can't remeber what it is though. Swim might go RO water.

    They are at day 11. The purple is most noticable on new leaves, the underneith side of the leaves, and stems. Swim lightly watered with 1/2 strength nutes 2 night ago, (against most information) and saw a bit of extra growth, but no significant color change.

    Everything is standing tall no leaves curling under, no yellow, the other stain is a bit brighter green with no purple.

    Basicly it looks healthy, 3 inches tall, but with some purple on tops of the ridges in the leaves, under, and then trailing into the stems.

    oh and there is more purple at the base of the leaves than tips.

    any thoughts?

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