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  1. Wow I'm from Jersey so the majority of the nugget I get at the moment is mostly Indica. I just smoked a blunt of this 100% Sativa supposedly from California and all I have to say is wow.

    At first it felt as if I wasn't going to get that high, but all of a sudden it snuck up on me and bam I am fuckin' soarin'. My head was amazingly clear though, mainly just an awesome body high but it felt amazing.

    I am rollin' three green games of this sativa for Slightly Stoopid friday!

  2. The majority of what I smoke is indica because it's whats around. A week or so back my dealer got some sativa and I was feeling great. I like indicas but because it's all I smoke pretty much except for the occasional sativa I want more sativas.
  3. Yuuup, indicas are soo over rated. I think indica bud is the reason weed is so looked down upon if people didn't get couchlock space-caked all the time and smoked some nice sativa I think the general view of "stoners" would be totally different.

    However some occasional dank purps is always nice before bed:cool:
  4. Gotta have my Indica in the bedtime bowl.
  5. ahh man i love sativa leaning hybrids but i can't go all out haze anymore.

    when i used to grow i smoked an entire harvest of an almost pure haze strain and ever since then every time i smell some haze i get hot and my forehead beads up with sweat lol.

    i think i'll be chillin on some more relaxing hybrids for awhile but who knows, maybe ill get back into the pure sativas.
  6. Yeah, Cannabis Indica helped me with school lol. I got my sleeping back on schedule.
  7. Sativa in the moooornin'
    Sativa in the evenin'
    Indica all nightin'[​IMG]
  8. Yeah I started to think that as well...

    I do love both though...

    beautiful mary jane! :bongin:

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