Sativas changed everything

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  1. I remember a time when all you could get were indicas and heavy hash there was no real sativas here in the UK till about 10-15 years ago now they are everywhere and in very good quality super sour diesel, lemon haze, super silver haze is what I am smoking at the moment and I think they really changed the they way people view weed, gone are the days of the sitting around watching tv in your shorts typical stereo type stoner with sativas people are going to the gym going outdoors being social and just generally being active I am imagine they are very popular with middle aged bored house wives of all class's for some reason but we dont get to know about them because they hide themselves away for fear of being judged as a stoner junkie bullshit or what ever which is fine.

    I think with the amount of variety thats on the menu these days mixed with peoples views changing there will be a surge of smokers who would never normally think twice.

    Sativas changed my life such a wonderful breath of fresh air having a good sativa in your life!

    Mornings will never be the same again............
  2. Sativas:hello:

    Me and my gf's staple is a nice outdoor skunk - hybrid, sativa dominant.

    @OP: do you wake and bake then?
  3. i havnt seen a strong only indica strain in a long time. in non medi state so i cant just choose what i want. i get what i get.
    but now days its mostly hybrids n shit, strong sativas.
    indicas used to be strong around here, but whoever grew em didnt do it right. they always pick the shit way to early and they never dry it enough. i fucking hate it

    i like sativa, and i like sativa dom hybrids

    but goddamit, i love me some indicas for medicinal purposes. stupid fucking laws :(
  4. i like uppy weed better the downy weed
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    I wake and bake some mornings I usually wait an hr then hit a lovely sativa and usually thats me gone for 4 hours they some strong shit!

    Super sour Diesel at the mo.

    Indicas are great but make me lazy and demotivated if thats all I have to smoke.

    Best of both worlds is where its at but not a massive fan of hybrids just depends I like having sativas and seperate indicas, hybrids are good for socializing.
  6. I like indicas. Not that i have a choice in a state were its not legal smh
  7. Seems like a few of us find ourselves in this situation.

    Agreed OP.
  8. I like a good sativa but the buzz does not seem to last as long as some potent indica/sativa blends.

    I'd rather stay busy and not just become a blob on the couch.
  9. I love sativas.. the way you described it was amazing ty
  10. both have their time and place. sativas are good for day time and "active" high... indicas are perfect at night (great for sleep, anxiety, pain).
  11. I'm also on the hunt for some sativas, trying to switch it up.

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